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Starting in Europe the Green movement was a cover for the communists.
When any country starts to use their military, police depts. and fire depts. as a grand liberal social experiment it is a sure sign that country is circling the drain.
Yeah sure. by all means lets turn over our sovereignty to a collection of third world despots
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Rolling Stone Crumbles

Dennis1832 Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 9:36 AM
The media is the propaganda instrument for the Marxist agenda Everything that is spewed is with the intention of furthering their agenda. Every night on the World News they trot out Ginger Zee to tell this days horrific weather with 50 million people in its path. All BS to condition the uninformed and unquestioning.
By stoking flames of a racially divided county the White House has diverted attention away from their other maneuvers such as his unilateral immigration executive order, the IRS scandal, etc. Smart although a scumbag move.
Woodruff is a liberal progressive with an agenda. Facts mean nothing to these damaged malcontents.
Here we go, the Repubs are not starting out very well. Maybe Jindal was right and they are the party of stupid.
This little mangina is the result of the liberal/progressive indoctrination and social engineering. Hyper passive ,easy to control. A cowards coward and he is just fine with it.
The Russian communist leader Nikita Khrushchev said they would destroy America from within by destroying our institutions. Seems the plan has worked quit well.
This ruling should be used to overturn D.C.s ridicules rules for concealed carry.
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