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Outside of New York City, New York STATE is a beautiful state. The Adirondacks, Finger Lakes region, Catskill Mountains, rolling farmlands across most of the state, clear lakes, rivers and good 'ol country folks. I was born in Western N.Y. State in a small village with a good school, plenty of hunting and fishing, and rural countryside. I move away in 1999 because of a lack of work, taxes, high cost of living, insurance, etc. The Democrat and Liberal politicians have ruined it. The exodus from New York State continues....... I would move back in a heartbeat if New York started to resemble Texas. Cuomo is messing with the wrong folks west of NYC.
Some day Softball will confront someone and they will coldcock him.
I've had enough of the whole lot of them. I just change the channel 'cause they have nothing to say that I want to hear.
Such a waste of taxpayers money.... The Volt is a nice looking automobile but needs a Honda engine. :) It will be a tremendous flop. I'll keep driving my 1990 Olds Cutlass Ciera that I paid $1200 for. Plus a few hundred for tires, brakes, etc. that it needed. And it's paid for. As well as our '04 Odyssey and my '97 Silverado. No thanks Gubmint - I can't WAIT until Obama is gone.
We support Chick-Fil-A but can't afford to buy dinner for our famly of six. Well, we could but I'm not working 'cause of a broken leg. I have short term disability coming in but also have hospital bills forthcoming. Maybe we'll go after I get back to work in a few weeks!! Eat more Chikn'!!!
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