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Well guys, this has been fun. Definitely more fun, interesting and civilized than when the blatantly leftist trolls like Robert, Hal Donahue, Lowass and Allison are here. For that I thank you. For the record, even though I've advocated in defense of Romney, I too do not want him to run again. I'd much rather have someone like Trey Gowdy, Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, or maybe even Gov. Scott Walker, to name a few as our candidate. But, will we all get together and stop the Republican establishment from allowing Democrats to vote in our primaries and pick a weak candidate that we only support because he/she will be a better choice than Hillary? Only time will tell.
Does that include his vote not to repeal ObamaCare?
Not necessarily Richard. Sometimes you have to let the other side win the small battles in order to win the larger war.
Well stated Henry VIII.
Sufficiently conservative doesn't cut it when those who fit that description consistently vote with the Democrats on legislation that hurts the country, or at least don't vote against them in the interest of "getting along." By that I mean Boehner and McConnell.
I'll definitely agree with you there Dyadd.
And again, that always works to help elect the Democrat, so it's not a good option.
As they did, and continue to do against Sarah Palin. I would really love to see her run again. But I know too many "solid conservatives" will echo every single stinking DEMOCRAT talking point against her, AGAIN!!
As Michela from Italy stated, Romney could have vetoed "RomneyCare" until he was blue in the face, or the cows came home, however you want to state it. But the Democrat controlled legislature of Massachusetts wanted it and would have over-ridden his veto to make it law in spite of the veto. So drop that as an excuse. It doesn't fly.
Are you SURE about that?
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