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So his excuse is "I didn't know". What did he call Sarah Palin? The guy is a self righteous idiot.
Maybe you should stop your finger pointing because Newt Gingrich was discussing the FACT that after 60 years the African American communities have suffered further under the democrats control of their lives, instead of it getting better for them, it has gotten worst. More families (white and black) are on food stamps in this country, More families(white and Black) are single parent families, More high school (black and white) drop outs, MORE OF EVERYTHING........All this under the democrats WHO claim their programs are solving poverty, homelessness, education, health care problems for the poor in this country. IF they are prove it. It's the white democrats who are the racists. They are the ones keeping poor black and white American's from
Votes???? He makes money pushing racism on his cable show nightly. The man sure does know racist talk for not being a racist..........Chris is the type of thief (racist) who steals your wallet and then helps you look for it. He's a racist finding behind the "your a racist" curtain.
Yes we do, just look at the last four years.......OPEN YOUR EYES.
hey are looking for an escape hatch.........their own pensions are at risk......They have been taking all of our pensions for it's their turn. Obamacare was pasted so they could keep their own health care. They have been taking ALL of the private sector pensions and health care and transferring to the public sector. Those private sector union workers are going to get screwed in the end, just like they screwed us.
WE HAVE TO WIN one this time.
I can't believe anyone even trusts Boehner. After all he and his buddies are the ones who pulled a coup and forced Newt Gingrich out as speaker. They wanted Tom Delay in and all of it paved the way for the cry baby to take the third seat.
Heck MSNBC talking heads met with the pres yesterday to discuss this months news reporting. yuk yuk.....
I can't understand how this writer would even think that the GOP would win the public relations battles with 98% of the media in the tank for the democrats, while helping them push their agenda.
And he got criticism anyway. They even accused the man of wanting them dead. Sad, what the left will do when a crises presents itself. Actually it makes me sick what they do for their power.
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'Cooling Out' the Voters

Deniser55 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 1:01 PM
IF this is the way President Barack Obama runs his White House, THIS COUNTRY HAS BEEN LEAD TO THE EDGES OF HEll
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