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Twisting the Internal Polling Knife

denir Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 9:29 PM
Bill-Clinton-Chinagate-Gave-High-Tech-Missile-Launching-Info-WTO-MFN-Status-to-China-signed-NAFTA-Six-Mass-Illegal-Alien-Amnesties-Repealed-Glass-Steagall-Treason, GB-2 was a RINO-Neo-Con, M-E-war-mongering-war-profiteer-serving-war-criminal, 2003-massive-Wall-Street-deregulation, WTO-US-sellout-to-China-Japan-Asia-OPEC-NAFTA-Mexico, So all true, But Obama's just more of the same in the Big-$pending-bad- economics-way, and in many other ways much worse, mass-illegal-alien-invasion-amnesty-commander ! Romney would've been 1000 x better than; Corrupt-Criminal-China-Treason-B-Clinton, fake-Conservative-RINO-Neo-Con-Corrupt-Criminal-GB-2, or the anti-American-Communist-Marxist-Colossal-Lying-Obama !

In light of the revelation that Mitt Romney was "shell-shocked" by his loss last week, I've been pretty tough on the job performance of his campaign's internal pollsters, who clearly missed the mark -- resulting in costly tactical decisions down the stretch:

These analyses [of the "expand the map" strategy] make sense, but only within the context of the campaign truly believing that they were safe in other crucial must-have states -- a cataclysmically wrong assumption. When I stopped by Romney headquarters in Boston back in September, Newhouse said his team was anticipating a...