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Hard Truths Coming

denhir Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 7:34 AM
Why should we even be talking about allowing any kind of illegal-alien-immigration-amnesty after what the Illegal-US-Traitor-Obama has pulled, implementing his Illegal-alien-immigraion-amnesty-related "Directives" ignoring most of the related pro-USA-pro-USC laws-rules already on the books, telling Napolitano, Holder, ICE, to do the same thing ! We need to get the Independent and women voters back on our side, the Hispanos will always vote for the Democrats, so stop pandering to them, as they intentially, unintentionally "in record-time" Legally-Illegally-Invade, disrespect, mock, Bankrupt-$$-Destroy, Overcrowd-Outnumber, Divide-Conquer, Our 1st-world-English-based-society-economy-language-culture-country the USA on a widescale basis !
denhir Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 7:39 AM

Jan-Apr-2002 - US-House-Rep-ldrs ? GB-2-admin about its plans for USDA-Food-Stmp-Prgrm-for-Mex-in-US, then they Blocks-Stop-it ! /609882 /664073 /posts
denhir Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 7:39 AM
Pre-screened-Mex-airline-passengers will be able to get, "Trusted-Traveler-cards" w/fingerprints, biometric-data, bypass lengthy security checkpoints.

"While most if not all US citizens get "The-Treatment" by the TSA !"

The US-Mex "Trstd-Trvlr-Prgrm," signed "Mex-US-DOHS-JN," Dec-14-2010.

The Leftist-pro-Communist-Marxist-anti-US-American-Obama-admin is more than happy to continue promoting-carrying-out-SPP under an assortment of,

Newly-Designed-Covert-Hidden-Secret-Inconspicuous-Seemingly-Innocuous-Innocent-Acceptable-US-Mex-Diplomacy-Promoting-Sounding-Names !
denhir Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 7:36 AM
GB-2's, Security Prosperity Partnership - SPP

Signed by;

George-Bush-2, Mex-Pres V-Fox, Can-PM P-Martiin, at Waco, Texas, Mar-23-2OO5.

The SPP was NWO, GB-2, Paulson, CFR, IMF, WTO, NAFTA, Fed-Res-WDC-Wall-St-Collusion,

plan for an NWO-CFR-IMF-WTO-NAFTA-OPEC-Controld-Depndnt-N-Americn-Union.

SPP's ultimate objective is to tear down US-borders, eliminate US-Natl-Sovergnty.

The Obama-admin is heavily involved in carrying out GB-2's, SPP's NAFTA-WTO-OPEC-CFR-IMF-related-plans-agenda,

Advancing the SPP plan under different names, such as the "Trusted-Traveler-Program."

This follow-up program to the SPP will allow 84 million Mexicans to Skip USA's Airport Security, extendng special travel privileges, access to the USA to them.

Things are going to get interesting for the Democrats.  Above, speaking with Scott Rasmussen, Howard Dean committed candor, stating that:

“[S]omebody has to tell the middle class that either your taxes are going to go up or your programs are going to get cut or else we're going to go into financial oblivion, and nobody really wants to tell them that.”

In truth, Republicans have told them that, and Democrats (aside from Dean) are refusing to do the same.  Indeed, Senator Chuck Schumer has actually insisted that the sequester puts Democrats...