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Meet Generation N

Demosthenes5 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 9:45 PM
pinenee: Do you often confuse spouting self-aggrandizing platitudes (like your President) w/ rational dialogue? You're part of a Party that advocates perpetual institutional sexism/racism in the form of Affirmative Action/Quotas. Your Party is increasingly anti-white, anti-heterosexual and anti-male; hence the Democrat Party is bleeding white males and becoming the Party of entitled women-children and Hyphenated-Americans- not exactly a Big Tent.

As Barack Obama thrilled his supporters on Monday with his clarion call to action for the poor and the oppressed, young people across the country -- though in numbers somewhat smaller than were enthralled by their leader's words four years ago -- nodded in agreement. For this was about them, and Obama’s speech told them once again how great they are. Obama spoke to the "N Generation," those millions who, because they are the beneficiaries of the miracles of internet technology and instant, worldwide communications, believe firmly they know all and are entitled to everything; as the old song by Queen...