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King Obama of America Meet King Philip II of Spain (1556)

democratsarefools Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 11:31 AM
As usual Charles puts fact to the circumstance, but some will argue with their meaningless petty tripe responses. Nonetheless history portrays results good or bad. Tax cuts on those who risk, without increased spending have always brought positive results from Eisenhower to Kennedy. The Regan rate cuts took longer because the dems increased spending. However Obama has been successful in bringing America down a few notches and wants more. He knows who pays the bulk of taxes and wants more of their success punished because its in his DNA.

The economic model President Obama wants America to embark on has been tried many times in many places and every time its failed.  We are reminded of this when we look at Spain.  Massive government spending on projects like countless airports never used, high speed rail and new highways. 

Sure, it looks fantastic but there are no commercial trucks, there are no commuters, and the only mobility is downward. Three regions of Spain have requested emergency bailouts and more are lining up. 

They are bogged down with gigantic debt for public projects that were...

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