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The "god war" was turned into a worthless effort by the worthless man in the white house. As the struggling Dirty Harry said last night bring them home tomorrow. A war in which you do not fight cannot be won. Stop wasting the best of America where victory is not an objective.
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Romney Met the Test

democratsarefools Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 10:19 AM
Ratings for next week's convention ? When Bite Me and The Destroyer give their speeches.
How do we "Conservatives" forget thAt GW Bush appropriated the money for the bail out of GM and gave it to ObAMA. It was the man child who gave 40% of GM to the unions. And what co could fail with an extra fifty million buck ?
The world against End Birther. - he has no record; just listen to him. Does he talk about it every speech ? The record - look around. Hate - you have it all.
Same old democrap play book except this time it is the one employing the4 play book that is actually doing what he accuses the opposition of doing. Who took 500b from Medicare, pushed removing some funding from Soc Sec [yes the dweebs went along with it]. who is stifling job creation and outsourcing non Union jobs ? 20% are paying 90% but to Obama that is not fair; it should be further weighted. If the boy king told people out here in Realville what he has planned, he would be sent packing and not even an aspirin would replaced the surgery that the death panel will deny that grandma being pushed over the cliff. .
You just replied to- a fool
And what would you have them do to people, whose candidate came in 4th, but yet want their unique and sometimes righteous ways to be dominant over all ? And who want to shrink out of the real world ? [Paul supporters]
Your comment will be deleted in 5 4 3 2 1 - gone. It is of no interest to most. Like that do you ?
Obama would blame any further downturn on Romney's talking down the economy. Don't ya know.
The facts do not matter anymore. A hole was opened and the bi itch ran through and we, who eat our own every damn time, kept on digging.
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Who Is Paul Ryan?

democratsarefools Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 10:00 AM
Stossel portrays himself as a Liberaterian, however Ryan is not entitled to his opinions, it looks like. TARP brought back millions in interest to the federal coffers. Since a negative cannot be proved, this proves to me that Stossel is just another blow hard. Part of Fox who thinks he is an expert on every topic. I pass on his over hyped BS. Paul Ryan is no big spender, RINO and does not betray his values. If Rom wins, it will be because of Paul Ryan and we will take our country back. Go jump off anther cliff there Informan.
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