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Sour grapes huh? Keep making up lies to make yourself feel better about get your hiney kicked in the election.
I have a job too ... What about you Kevin?
John McCain and Lindsay Graham are cowards. Instead of attending a classified briefing to learn what happened in Libya, they grandstand in front of the media to attack a young African American women who played no part of the intelligence gathering. Shame on these two cowardly Senators....
general petraeus is a Republican
The people have spoken loud and clear. The United States is a proud liberal nation. Tea baggers, embrace our proud liberal tradition or get out of my country!!! I don't care where you go. Just get out. Take coward Colonel Allen West with you!
Jon boy Boehner = Pip Squeak Munch McConnel = Pip Squeak Jr. Cowards!
I read for months on Clownhall that Mutt Romney would win in a landslide and Republicans would take over the Senate. What happened? LOL!
Barack Obama won the election in a huge landslide. He is your leader and won a mandate to tell Congress exactly what to do. Bow down Boehner and McConnel. You two are silly little punks compared to the President.
Good thing the voters wised up and got rid of that partisan hack Scott Brown. Now that loser can go back to modeling for Playgirl. Scott Brown was one of the most sexist Senators to serve as well for the way he tried to demonize a true American hero -- Ms. Warren.
It's time to do away with the tea bagger movement completely. The people flatly rejected its radical ideology by re-electing a true Patriot as President and voting out traitors like Allen West. Tea baggers time is over. You lost. The conservative movement, based on lies, was rejected and has no place in the future of this nation. We are a liberal nation as intended by our Founding Fathers.
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