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Washington State to Require Abortion Coverage With Insurance

And TODAY'S GOP is the Party of Angry Old White Men... While the DP is a haven for oppressed Minority Groups (including womyn and immigrants)... Guess someone forget to tell Minorities the DP is racist/bigoted, eh?
All residents of Washington State may soon be forced to subsidize abortion coverage for their fellow residents if a NARAL-backed piece of legislation passes the state legislature. The "Reproductive Parity Act" would force all insurance companies that offer maternity care - which is legally required in Washington - to also provide abortions.

At present, all major insurers in Washington state cover abortions, and Cody, the bill's sponsor, said she knows of no carrier with plans to change. Insurers new to Washington state on its exchange may be tempted to adopt different policies, she said.

The proximate cause of...