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Minorities see the GOP as terribly racist. That's why they're Democrats. On one's buying your BS.
LBJ would be a Republican today.
Any ins. co. that doesn't like this is free to not do business in WA...
LOL! Yep, the "lazy 47%'s" are the problem, huh? I bet Romney and y'all wish you could take THAT little "gaffe" back, eh?
And TODAY'S GOP is the Party of Angry Old White Men... While the DP is a haven for oppressed Minority Groups (including womyn and immigrants)... Guess someone forget to tell Minorities the DP is racist/bigoted, eh?
Peddle your Right-wing lies somewhere else...
That's why Womyn flock to us, right?
Nopers... Our side IS winning this battle--in the minds of the children we teach in the Progressive schools...
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