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The California 'Mordida'

deltagreen Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 4:04 AM
Only correction VDH , the oil & gas production from the Monterey & it's Central Valley equivalent the Antelope are not new. I've been working on wells in them for 32 years and there was production out of them before I was born.
Where would Isreal put them? New settlements on the West Bank? Every UN mother scratcher and Islamist lover does nothing but b**ch and moan about those there already.
It's not 138 or even 60. Only 9 had the guts to try and keep this from a floor vote. It could have been renewed for another 5 years without 1 revision. Weepy sent his lapdog Cantor to strong-arm any opposition. The good guys Brown(GA) Gohmert(TX) Jones(NC) Massie(KY) Salmon(AZ) Garrett(NJ) Heulskamp(KS) King (IA) McClintock(CA) These guys should be running the House and Chairmen of the Committees. RINOs need not apply.
Are these guys just trying to get reelected in 14 or 16? Cause come 18 when the Fed money runs out they're gonna have to jack up taxes like crazy to cover it.
Just saying Hotair was on it right after the vote. The Senate revisions they approved had some pretty stupid stuff. Like allowing prosecutions against non Indians by Tribal Courts. Adding gays and transgenders. Making "Harsh Language" one of the punishable offenses. You can lose 2nd Amendment rights over this not to mention the Harsh Language provision impinges on the 1st.
If there was a thread on this I'd have posted there but not one peep from Townhall on this bill.
Is Townhall running scared? Hotair & WND are the only ones of my usual sites that have got anything on that awful revised renewal of the Defense of Women act the cowardly Republicans allowed to pass yesterday. Guess the Republicans powers that be put the kaboosh on you guys,PJ Media and the Blaze.
Helicopter Ben is is printing 85 billion a month for QE. Just double down this month no big deal. We are already so economically FUBARed it doesn't matter anymore.
You left off posthumously.
Look at the BLS UB7 number like 23-24%. That's Americans out of work, under employed or who have stopped looking. Hey Barack I've got some real shovel ready jobs for you, bounty hunters and bus drivers to repatriate the 20 million to their homelands.
Why did Bob fly to the Dominican Republic for underage hookers? Because you can't leave Washington on a Friday night, fly to Thailand and get your fill of underage hookers, and be back in Washington Monday morning.
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