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Dementia, the only explanation for it. Most of these old fools in the the Senate should be in rocking chairs,shawls around their shoulders with a cup of warm chicken soup. The biggest point they should be arguing is who gets to control the TV remote.
Pro business? Maybe if your bottom line is all you care about. How about your Country and your Countrymen whose wages you'll depress for an estimated decade? Maybe a decade in good times, a generation in the stagnate mess we've been in for the past 5 years. Selfish RINO's your're all (TWANLOC)ThoseWhoAreNoLongerOurCounrtymen just like the Communist Progressives.
If Dear Leader had hooked up with a Caucasian woman I guess we now know what his sons would have looked like.
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A Korean Nightmare

deltagreen Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 12:22 PM
I hope the 2nd puts up a good fight but I think they'll be overwhelmed. They're there as a tripwire to allow time to organize the main battle line of the ROK Army between them and Seoul. They could be facing 30 or 40 enemy divisions and are in a narrow corridor from the border to about 25 miles South of it. Seoul is only like 50 miles from the border, we are there to fight a delaying action The scenario plays out pretty much as stated but those will be ROK Army tanks doing the killing as ours will be sacrificed to give them time for the thing to play out. Just my opinion, but I was with 2nd D HQ Company about 38 years ago and that was what our officers pretty much told us our mission was.
The Sequester is a joke. Ben has been creating 85 billion of electronic funny money a month since last October. So the sequester is a single months creation. The only pain it's causing is that created by the Regime.
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Optimism in the Air

deltagreen Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 11:05 AM
2 year supply of houses in the shadow inventory. Market pumped up by Ben's 85 billion a month QE. Lowest percentage working age employed since god knows when. Did ya move to CO or WA Larry? Put down the bong.
Capt. Queeg McCain calling someone else wacko bird. I think his ball bearings are rolling around in his head. Hope he keeps track of those strawberries.
I'm thinking glue factory or sent to Europe as part of the food chain.
Do the Democrats have the courtesy to give McShame and Graham a reach around after they do them?
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The California 'Mordida'

deltagreen Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 4:04 AM
Only correction VDH , the oil & gas production from the Monterey & it's Central Valley equivalent the Antelope are not new. I've been working on wells in them for 32 years and there was production out of them before I was born.
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