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What is With Illinois?

Delta Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 2:15 PM
All of us who live in Illinois are not demmie/progressives who parasitically and stupidly keep voting crooks into office. Quite a few of us voted in a senator who isn't obligated to the crooks (Mark Kirk) and would happily vote quinn into oblivion if a candidate of the quality of Scott Walker or Mitch Daniels ran for his office. There are most likely a few dozen people with business, not union, experience who could do a much better job for the state, but with the lamebrains in the local, state and national media, I don't blame them for not putting themselves and their families through the excoriations that would entail.
mhood175 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 11:31 AM
Then, get out and campaign to FIND an honorable person IF one exists in Illiinos. So far I have yet to find one, even the mom & pop shops are out to take your money any way they can. Outside of Cook county the next most corrupt is Madison then St.Clair! You city (rinky diink towns) politicians are as corrupt as Cook. That's the only thing that lives and breaths around that state. So, if you want an honorable person you won't find it locally! The entire state should be bulldozed and then start all over again!

Living in California, it is difficult to find fault with other states. California has 12% of the US population, but over 30% of the nation's welfare recipients. California recently voted to increase the tax burden - actually, some non-tax paying Californians decided to raise taxes on other tax paying Californians - on both individuals and corporations. California is the land of job killing Cap And Trade. It is the land of corruption, so ingrained it's generational, political and moral graf.

Illinois is closing in fast.

Standard & Poors recently lowered Illinois' credit rating from A to A-, which puts it in...