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Economic Mobility

Delta Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 5:48 PM
I've met and learned from hundreds of young Asians whose families were of the status Dr. Sowell describes here. All one need do is walk through the poster sessions at any of the professional neurologic meetings. While working for a non-profit that worked to help patients, I attended these meetings to learn from the scientists and then report to the patients and families. These youngsters were working on their English while putting in hours of labor in research laboratories around our country. Why can't the immigrants, legal OR illegal, from other countries do the same? Because the big-eared one in OUR White House is using them, that's why.
Most people are not even surprised any more when they hear about someone who came here from Korea or Vietnam with very little money, and very little knowledge of English, who nevertheless persevered and rose in American society. Nor are we surprised when their children excel in school and go on to professional careers.

Yet, in utter disregard of such plain facts, so-called "social scientists" do studies which conclude that America is no longer a land of opportunity, and that upward mobility is a "myth." Even when these studies have lots of numbers in tables and equations that mimic the appearance of...