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Suspense: Obamacare Judgment Day?

delren Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 10:34 AM
2 out of 3 Americans across all political Party's agree with and want the Arizona Law to stand in the USSC case ! USC says that the Federal Govt shall regulate "Naturalization", nowhere does it mention tthe word "immigration" ! Late Dec 2010, Dem Maj US House narrowly passed the Dream Act, In the US Senate not 1 RINO votes for it, 3 or more Democrats voted against it ! It's highly likely that the US House will remain Rep Maj, the Dream Act won't pass there, same with the US Senate, Don't let the libs-Dems-RINO-elites trick us into giving in on this whole issue, by overly-pushing Rubio's, who is 100% Hispanic, personal views on amnesty !

The US Supreme Court may issue its much-anticipated decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare this morning.  Regardless of outcome, the ruling will attain instant landmark status, and will make an indelible mark on the 2012 presidential race.  Nearly three in four Americans would like to see the High Court invalidate at least the central pillar of the generally unpopular law.  As we noted during oral arguments, there is a decent chance that the justices may go even further -- but who really knows?  After months of speculation, the public will finally hear the verdict, either in the...

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