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KATIE PAVLICH, I just purchased my second copy of your book, "Fast and Furious" at Amazon.com I had given my first copy to my daughter, after she pleaded with me. I plan to reread your book, because so much more has happened, involving more murders with more numbered guns. Please, Katie, start writing Fast & Furious - II. Obama and Eric Holder are sinking fast thanks to journalists like you. Delores Smith Delores109@cox.net
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Soros and Obama vs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio

DELORES7 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 1:54 PM
TOWNHALL, SO, you fear Obama and Soros. That is why you deleted my message with the TRUTH! Sheriff Arpaio, I elected you, and I guarantee you, we will get through the evil in the White House & Soros. Delores Smith Delores109@cox.net
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