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rlapatak - you should study up on how many of God's Chosen People choose Him over secularism there in Israel. Wise up. Educate yourself.
They don't see it, Herman. The Jewish influence is strong in this country.
Yes, Henry. So the War on Terror is being lost. I know you recognize yet another failed Neocon strategery...
Which is why the acts are unlawful acts under the US Code. The terrorists can be dealt with via cooperation amongst countries and hit squads like the SEALs. We didn't need to go to full out war nor nation build. Al Quadea is worse than ever according to Rep. King.
Why drag Dr. Paul into this? Anyway - I understand what Jefferson did and why he did it. However, your explanation is in regards to DEFENSE, correct? What does "PRE-EMPTIVELY" striking at countries which have not attacked us have to do with any of this. Or nation building for that matter. Plus, some of this thread has to do with Presidential powers under WAR. My point is that no war has been declared so the point should be moot. I'm not saying that these police actions are illegal. I am pointing out that by NOT declaring wars the President and Congress can evade responsibilities and abuse powers. The Founders must have had some good reason for wanting the President to go through Congress before engaging militarily.
Or you could at least move to European countries and get them back on track. Think of the strategic military positions of these countries.
It would be more peaceful and cheaper if millions of you so-called conservatives would just move to the countries that you want to change into Lil' America. Move to Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq and change them from within - just like liberals and foreigners do here and in Europe. You love liberalism abroad anyway. Don't you want a chance to cure the muslems first hand of their muslemness? Problem solved.
usmc - hahaha. good one. does that go with the War on Poverty?
usmc - i think you are confusing me with those whom you have protected. you know, like the Kurds. I don't think the job was finished apparently...
usmc - you're none too bright. That's what the neocons love about you. Your "protection" is a racket like the General said. Hopefully you'll realize that one day.
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