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DSMike- I've been showing the Jewish Influence and how it coincides with America going downhill. I didn't blame them. Influence is not the same as complete control. People like you going along with their ideas is the real problem.
and you would be doing what? My posts are more thought provoking than your racist drivel.
Anyway, from now on, you'll start noticing the names of the people behind the things you are against and it will be inevitable that you start connecting the dots. To your dismay, you'll see what I'm talking about. I tried to deny it for a long time too.
This is correct. Their sole purpose is to undermine American and Christian values.
hmmmm - Saul Alinksy? What? He was a Jew?! You don't say. And who runs the media? And who ran Obama's campaign? Axelrod and Emanuel. Two nice Presbyterians I'm sure.
Just don't critique her Jewishness! (these knee jerkers might call you a Nazi.)
Who's hating? You people are knee jerk reactionists. It's just a coincidence that Jews have great influence over major industries and groups and that America is going down hill. Pure coincidence.
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