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Actor Jon Voight Tells Us Why The Left's "Full Of Baloney" With Propaganda That Romney Is Stiff & Robotic

delen Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 8:16 AM
dad, Barack Obama's mom, the CIA The USA's Overthrow of Indonesian Pres Sukarno To protect American business interests, the CIA engineered a coup in Indonesia in 1965-67, which led to 1 of the most appalling episodes of mass murder in history. Over 500,000 people died in the resultant massacres, which ended with the installation of a CIA puppet named Suharto. Lolo Soetoro, Barack Obama's stepfather, was the key liaison between Mobil/Stanvac and the Suharto regime. Ford Country: Building an Elite for Indonesia "Obama's Links to Spooky People" Treas-Sec Tim Geithner's father Peter-G supervised the work of Obama’s mother Ann
delen Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 8:17 AM
Dunham, when she worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia.

The FF reportedly is a front, a philanthropic facade for the CIA !

P-Geithner is now a FF official, the Dir of the Asia program at the FF in NYC.

He sits on the board with Kissinger, Natl-Cmte on US-China Relations.

Tim-Geithner's 1st job was with Kissinger-Assc, where he worked with the former Sec-St.

T-G was Pres, CEO Fed-Res-Bank NY, is mbr Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Cmsn, Grp of 30.

"T-G brokered the Fed-Res $29 billion taxpayer-$$-loan deal to assist JP Morgan Chase's buyout of assets of Bear Sterns."

P-Geithner oversaw the FF's microfinance programs in Indonesia being developed by Obama's mother Ann-D-Soetoro,

P-G, A-D-S, met in person at-least-2-x !

Hugh Hewitt asks the man who has studied human behavior his whole life:

Jon Voight Gives High Praises To D'Souza's Movie "2016: Obama's America"