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Video: DNC Attendees Awfully Stoked About "Belonging to the Government"

deleeuw Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 6:20 PM
Regardless of how one would wish to parse it, or the intended context one would have us read, the statement "government is the one thing we all belong to" is hideous. The notion of "belonging to government" (even as a club or a team or whatever) is antithetical to the basis of America and it's notion of "We the people" (and, yes, even "Question Authority"). I'm sure the context which we are told to consider is more that "everybody is part of government", or, better yet, "everybody can affect the government". Well, if that'swhat was meant, why didn't they say that?? Instead of the apologists getting angry at taking the statement out of context, why don't they have a better statement??

I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to chuckle along with this video from Revealing Politics.  It's too depressing.  The Democratic National Convention's opening video featured this perverse pearl of Statist wisdom: "The government is the only thing we all belong to."  The Obama campaign quickly clarified that the video wasn't produced by them, hitting Republicans for "faux outrage."  Excuse me, but political conventions are parsed out and choreographed from pillar to post by the parties, which are fully controlled by the campaigns.  This clip didn't accidentally slip past the messaging gurus.  It's what liberals believe. ...