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Did the Mid-Terms Really Mean That Much?

deleeuw Wrote: Nov 10, 2014 2:03 PM
May not totally agree with Paul -- especially on foreign policy, but he's an honorable patriot.
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Wow! Just Wow!

deleeuw Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 5:39 PM
As the Left sees no problem with perverting the Congressional processes for their own radical agenda (look at the dubious tricks they used to get Obamacare passed), they are therefore no longer entitled to the protection offered by those same processes. So let the Dems have their "that's not fair" tantrum and play with the rules until January -- then the adults (or teenagers for those RINO's) will start to govern. Harry Reid did the nuclear option regarding amendments to bills; Nancy Pelosi removed the rule put in place by the REPUBLICANS in 1994 to allow the minority party to continue debate; the president is whipping his pen out when he doesn't get his way...all examples of the power-hungry wickedness that is the Left.
Barry, the GOP was able to win because your policies suck!
Hey, Boy Wonder, Barry's been thumbing his nose at Congress, from EO's to various departments (EPA, HHS, IRS, etc.) assuming unconstitutional powers, culminating with the snotty challenge to sue him. YOU people ended any possibility of any "compromise"!
This election is indeed an indictment of liberalism. GOP "leadership" take note: if you compromise or surrender to Obama et al. on liberal policies, you are just as responsible. We may settle with you for today, if only to get our the Dems; but if you sell-out conservatism, thinking that such "deals" will help in 2016, don't bother fielding a candidate.
May I remind YOU, Eric Coward, that we've been doing this pesky voting thing well before you broke into the Dept of Justice!
As per Obama, everything is about him (except when he gets his a55 kicked!)
What a hole! Back in early 2010, there was a special election in a single district in New York, where the tea party favorite, Hoffmann, narrowly lost to the democrat (after the democrat got an endorsement from the republican candidate who dropped out of the race!!) -- and the white house was all over that, strutting about how this was a confirmation of Obama's policies.
If the GOP wins big Tuesday, it'll be because of voters being sick of Obama's policies; if the new GOP congress caves/compromises such that Obama's policies will still be forwarded, the GOP leadership will be seen as lying, hypocritical cowards, and the GOP will cease being an effective political organization by 2016.
It was the DEMOCRATS that enabled afro-americans to get jobs. It was called slavery.
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