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Obama Bails Out Boehner On Spending Bill

deleeuw Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 3:46 PM
The GOP had the political capital to stand up to Obama -- if not the support of the voters, then at least any loss would not be so great that it'd damage the GOP; in fact, blame would be shared with Obama, and any election is about 2 years away: long after any damage would remain or even after most people would forget. HOWEVER, now that Bonehead and Co. have gotten an endorsement from Obama ("please sir, may have some more"), the political consequences are not minimal: The GOP has proven itself not just gutless, but totally aloof as to why they won landslide-esque victories back in November. As a result, people, most of whom don't have the highest respect for the GOP, now will have outright mistrust and anger at having been betrayed. And next time this will come up (like all good thugs, Barry will try this again, having won this latest round), the GOP will have no capital -- i.e. they've already squandered the good faith of the voters -- and no wiggle room. The only thing that can be hoped for is that, when the new Congress is sworn in, they'll admit the errors of their ways and vote to modify said bill -- but that has as much chance as Barry being on guest on Rush Limbaugh. So, thank you GOP "leadership", for stabbing us in the back again. And the Democrats thank you too!
When the DOJ is spying on you, the headlines change.
Fluke is certainly an expert on torture!
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New York Considering Assisted Suicide Law

deleeuw Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 6:08 PM
Today it's called "Death with Dignity", tomorrow it'll be "Death as a Duty" (to reduce CO2 emissions or make room in hospitals for poor illegal aliens or whatever)
Let's assume that the GOP is going to suffer politically if the government shuts down. 1) Obama will be hurt as well 2) Obama will be hurt more than last time, given what America now realize about his agenda -- as well as his willingness to whip his pen out to impose that agenda in defiance of the will of the people and of the Constitution 3) The political liability will be all but gone by 2016 if it's done the first week of the GOP Congress 4) The greater catastrophes waiting in the wings, due to everything from the nightmare of Ocare to a clueless foreign policy will overshadow any political costs incurred by the GOP and will, if anything, help the GOP
"A statute that proscribes speech without regard to the speaker's intended meaning runs the risk of punishing protected First Amendment expression simply because it is crudely or zealously expressed", according to the ACLU. And yet the ACLU et al are curiously silent regarding the multiple attacks on the First Amendment by Political Correctness and "Hate Speech".
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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

deleeuw Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 11:05 AM
God bless you for your service in law enforcement -- those who protect the law seem the least protected by those same laws!
Are they decrying the un-American treatment of minorities? Why then are they burning the American flag? Or maybe they hate America, in which case they can move to Mexico or Canada.
If Jeb is nominated for GOP presidential candidate, the GOP (already proving itself even after an overwhelming mandate from the voters) will never see the inside of the White House ever again -- unless Jeb renounces his citizenship, moves to Mexico, then illegally enters the US, where he'll get hired by some silver-spooned liberal who's going to show others their "concern" and get elected President, where Jeb will be serving dinner.
Why does Barry look uncomfortably annoyed hugging Sibelius?
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