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This Administration is nothing but a series of "oversights"!
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Deathblow to Coal

deleeuw Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 1:21 PM
Is Congress (or the House at least) going to grow a pair and hold hearings as to why the EPA feels it's the ultimate authority regarding CO2 emissions etc. -- and not needing any congressional oversight?
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6 Truths About Pornography

deleeuw Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 5:29 PM
If we say say that we should keep morality, religion, etc. out of politics, then on what basis do we claim it is *wrong* for the government to steal our property via taxes, regulations, etc.? P0rn is the basest form of left-wing thinking: I'm entitled get what I want without any responsibility
This is so typical of the snooty Left: they blame their failures on the stupidity of others -- but that's where they also get their success. To quote one of the architects of the New Deal when asked if it'll work: "People are just too damn stupid".
I understand that. I'm a supporter of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, even though I don't agree with them on everything, because they are "90% Conservatives". But when you have
Absolutely! We compromised on abortion as per Roe v Wade, which only mentioned 1st trimester abortions, and now we have a president who stridently declared that he was proud to oppose the ban on partial-birth abortion (!) -- a procedure for which we hanged Nazi war criminals. We compromised on the Brady Bill, and now we have government "health" officials saying that owning any gun may, um, affect your healthcare coverage Bush compromised with the democrats to break his pledge of no new taxes in return for spending caps, and the dems kept on spending -- and Bush lost his job We compromised on Lawrence v Texas (overturning anti-s0domy laws), and now we have businesses being sued into bankruptcy for not catering to gay couples We compromised regarding the debt ceiling (thank you John Bohnhead), only to have Barry et al. scream for more increases to the debt ceiling etc. It is the power-hungry spoiled-brat hippies of the left who are mentally incapable of rational compromise: When the GOP took over the House in 1995, they enacted a rule that would let the minority party continue debate on a bill, even tho the GOP had a solid majority; when the Democrats captured the house in 2007, the dems unders Pelosi removed that rule -- and compromise became all but impossible.
Agreed. What is happening to our vets is hardly a "gift" from God.
Is Howie Dean or any one of the Demoncats opposed to requiring a US passport to reenter the country? Remember, it is the Obama administration that made the regulation that anyone going to Mexico or Canada should have their passport -- which even a wingnut like myself have no problem acknowleding the need for such a reg.
Well said Mr. President: even YOU can't change who we are as Americans!
Curious the racket that is cable TV! While blocking the channel is a good first step, the lack of a la carte packages mean that your money is still going to pay for those channels that you've blocked.
But, gays only want tolerance and acceptance! Which is why it is very interesting that around the we allowed openly gay people to serve in the military, "God" was removed from the AirForce oath, Naval chaplains are warned not to pray in the name of Christ, and the Army started removing Bibles.
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