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Barry Hussein is both incompetent and treasonous: In light of the recent surge of mohammedan attacks, the perpetrators of which are more than likely funded by money from oil sales, declaring ANWAR a "no-go" zone (!) merely ensures that the mullahs will make more money as less oil will be made available to the market, and they will continue to be able to control price.
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Late-term Abortion Bill Shelved in House

deleeuw Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 11:47 AM
If these guys won't defend Life, how can we expect them to defend Liberty??
"government should not inject itself " Since when did these thugs believe this??
A Christian florist in Washington is being sued by the AG for not providing flowers at a gay "wedding"; but Islam should be understood and respected for it's cultural and religious contributions.
Mr. Neeson, the reason for the 2nd Amendment isn't to go on Hollywood-esque killing sprees, but to defend us against our government when it become tyrannical. Imagine if the Irish had the 2nd Amendment: they would have won independence much earlier -- being from Northern Ireland, however, may make you even more hesitant for citizens to free themselves from a despotic government
Please, Barry, go ahead an veto! Congress, don't cave in to this thug! GOP, make a big deal about Obama wanting to allow illegals in light of the Paris shootings!
Um, the Crusades did not start until late in the 11th century; and it was Richard I who did the post-surrender slaughter. In the time period you mentioned, however, within a century of the founding of Islam, Constantinople was besieged for the first time by the Mohammedans.
Yemen, thank you for your clarification. 1) All flights/shipping to or from Yemen (either directly or indirectly) should be forbidden 2) 7th fleet should be deployed off of Yemen, particularly in the Gulf of Aden 3) Coordinate with the French to assemble forces in Djibouti (right across the neck of water from Yemen), while the primary goal of launching air strikes and special operations
Now THAT is gutsy and clever, while our media is still tongue-tied to not offend anyone -- including whoever they think the enemy may be.
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How Republicans Will Overcome Obamacare

deleeuw Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 6:04 PM
Thanks! One of the few people with same real solutions. (1John 512)
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