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But...but...we are told that this is about tolerance, not forcing others to accept -- and certainly not forcing pastors to perform gay weddings.
I'm not sure about Cruz's eligibility. True, he was born in Canada, but to American citizens. Any ideas?? FYI - children born overseas on US installations (such as bases, consulates, etc.) were born on de jure US soil.
But, it's all about tolerance! (like jewish ghettos were all about health!)
These bully-dykes need to be impeached!!
Hmm...there's a picture from a just a few years back of Gabby posing with an AK-47. In all fairness, it's not totally unreasonable for her to modify her stance on gun rights after being a "victim of gun violence" --but using personal experience as a litmus test for principles is a dangerous approach.
As per ACA, there is, um, "end of life counseling" (read: "shut up and die"). Leftism IS a mental disease (where unrestrained physiological urges adversely affects the portion of the brain responsible for social interaction) and thus those with that condition should be referred to that portion of the ADA and be dealt with accordingly -- and they say that less people is better for the environment, so they'll be helping save the planet. As for your suggestion that liberals should no longer have a voice, if they continue on a radical UNCONSTITUTIONAL agenda of silencing all opposition, they have in effect relinquished any constitutional protection that they themselves enjoy, which is currently what we do with felons.
This latest situation exposes the lie (or at least the slippery slope) of the mantra that turning down gay customers is like the old Jim Crow laws of refusing service to blacks: this is not a case of turning away customers, but being forced to provide material for a political cause -- or be punished by the group forwarding that cause!
No, we should respect the Muslim faith and celebrate its tradition of tolerance [sarcasm]
"just upholding the law" -- the excuse of the tools of tyranny! Of course, there are other laws, such as DOMA, which are conveniently NOT upheld. The various "human rights commissions" (the nicer the name, the more dangerous the organization) are really perverting the law to destroy liberty, and thus should be dissolved and have their members brought up on racketeering charges.
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