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The "compassion" argument is easily debunked by the fact that they are using services etc. for which they did NOT pay (via taxes) -- they are stealing from the tax-payers. THAT will reset the debate.
Murdering unborn girls is the ultimate act of misogyny!
We should drop pigs on the Ka'aba in Mecca -- one for every victim these things murdered!
Ironic, seeing that Obama is nothing but a Maxi Pad!
Just wondering, Does this President know ANYTHING of what's going on??? So, he's not a liar, but rather an idiot?
Jesse Jackson (yes, THAT one) made a statement sometime ago saying that blacks have more to fear from the "BBB" ("Big Black Brother") than the KKK. And when blacks like Bill Cosby are successful (the horror!) and wish to improve their standarf of living, they are castigated by members of the black community for being a sell-out.
Instead of the either/or choice of fix obamacare or get burned politically, how about a third alternative: those in states without exchanges to be given tax BREAKS, as opposed to taxpayers subsidies (which only continues the government co-dependency racket). Let Barry and his henchmen balk at tax breaks (with their tired "helping the rich" cackles) while trying to keep Ocare -- especially as states currently on those "exchanges" start feeling pressure to drop those exchanges from voters wanting get those same tax breaks!
If Obama want's to reduce CO2 emissions, he and his eco-thugs should simply stop exhaling!
Considering the overwhelming opposition to blanket amnesty, I hope Barry whips his pen out to make an EO -- because we would have just cause as well as political support to impeach his sorry a$$.
Your list should on the door of every (GOP) senator and congressman.
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