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If we indict Perry for a nebulous charge of "abuse of power" because he stripped funding from a government office, then we should deport Barry for his flagrant abuse of power for changing Ocare at will, using/allowing IRS to intimidate political enemies, etc. etc.
And so it begins: The political pansies of the GOP are priming the pump to explain why a full repeal of Ocare is not going to be done (despite their initial declarations promising to do so) -- even though the House has the power of the purse and more and more people are realizing that Ocare is a criminal mistake. If the GOP has a majority in both houses, and can get the votes to repeal, (even if they don't have the votes to override a veto, it'll still have a strong political effect), they will not do it. And, in 10 years, we'll still be fixing the monstrosity as the GOP will then be defending Ocare the way they're defending Medicare now.
Here we go again...the sham of "compassionate Conservatism" (which means the government giving out goodies in the name of "compassion") has morphed itself into a more "common-sense-approach" -- but it's still Big Government "Conservatism" , where the GOP is trying to behave like Demonrats in order to get more votes (and we know how well THAT works!)
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

deleeuw Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 5:01 PM
Well done, Michelle! You've just proven how gutless and inept your other half is! Not to mention hypocritical: "Equal pay for women" - the women working in the Executive Branch get paid less than men. "Immigration Reform" - Obama had actively opened up the borders, told ICE to stand down, and castigated Arizona for passing legislation to curb illegal entries -- btw, when Mexican president Calderon blasted AZ in a speech in the US Congress (!) , saying that SB1070 is a "violation of human rights" (!!), ALL the Demonrats cheered. "Raising minimum wage" - Since Washington (State) raised it's minimum wage, their economy has plummeted "Ensuring women make their own decisions about their bodies" - but while demanding that others foot the bill, all while Barry promised that "not one dime" of Obamacare will go to pay for abortions.
Christ said we are to be salt: salt brings out the real flavor of food and it preserves it, separating it from various bacteria etc. (unlike sugar, which is a wonderful breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria). These churches -- and other "mainstream" churches -- are not only not serving "meat" or even "milk", but sweet yummy Kool-Aid, the flavor of which covers up any nasty-tasting Truth but does nothing to preserve.
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Real and Misguided Compassion

deleeuw Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 1:11 PM
Instead of blaming illegals as the primary culprit of this mess, we should first and foremost blame (and change) our Federal government which over the past decades has rung the dinner bell, encouraging the evil notion that "if you want it, come and get it --someone else will pay for it" -- obviously immigrants need some assistance (maybe the automatic credit score of 600), but most assistance should come from private groups. Blame should also be placed on the Mexican government which has all but officially endorsed illegal immigration; such an endorsement is nothing short of an act of piracy -- of war, in fact. The numerous stories of Mexican military units appearing on our side of the border lends credence to the idea that Mexican government may be more than merely endorsing (and the claptrap that those units "got lost" is either bull* or is an indication of the criminal incompetence of the Mexican government). Certainly, there is truth to the notion that the cartels, especially along the border, are just out of control, or that they have even usurped government powers (and stolen equipment such as APC's), but the we should demand that the [legitimate] Mexican government allow us to engage in joint military operations against the cartels. In any, an active military presence along the length of the border is absolutely needed (btw there are at least 2 important military bases within an hour of the border and thus under direct threat, so that alone justifies military deployment).
When Roe v Wade was ruled, pro-lifers decried it, saying that it was a slippery slope to infanticide -- only to shouted down by the pro-choicers who reassured that Roe only counted for the 1st trimester. In 2008, a senator proclaimed "I was proud to oppose the ban on Partial-Birth Abortion"! That senator is now our president; we used to hang war criminals for similar practices.
Maybe this is dangerous plan -- and even anticipated by Barry. If Boehner et al sue over the delay of the employer mandate, does that mean we DO want have the employer mandate take effect?? And when it does, and torpedoes our economy, Barry will smile and say that the GOP sued him to reinstate it.
"...or at least not real women..."?! THAT sounds sexist!
Recently, I asked my company for a new pair of headphones, and they gave me "inexpensive" ones; they should've given me a high quality set so that I can listen to tunes while I do my work -- and not doing so tramples listening rights and denies my ears full access to death metal music. [Satire]
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