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"Christians need to stop trying to do God's work" WRONG!!!!
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FCC Approves 'Net Neutrality' Regulations

deleeuw Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 10:59 AM
Apparently, there are sections of the ruling which prevent ISP's from "throttling" bandwidth
To the GOP "leadership": it'd had been better for your people run as moderates: the Dems would still be in control of both houses, but at least you'd be trusted. Instead, what these gutless pansies have done is create contempt and fury by those who put you in Washington. After 2016, your lackies will never see Washington DC ever again! www.lp.org www.constitutionparty.com
Gee, if only the MSM was as thorough in trumpeting anything that looked like dirt on Obama!
God bless Egypt! THEY are not wringing their hands and making insulting and stupid statements; and, unlike the USA, they ARE a muslim country, but are still coming to the defense of Christians.
Marxist Metrosexual Mullah Meatpuppet
+2 Charles Martel
FYI - in the 30 Years War, Catholic France supported Protestant Sweden.
The really scary thing is that 47% of Americans (and about 90% of illegals) DO go to the government to feed their souls, equating "free" stuff with happiness -- but blind to the reality that is does cost them, both in terms of money (taxes) as well as liberty (increasing regulations to manage the distribution of "free stuff")
Barry, yes, people did terrible things in the name of Christ, but those things were contrary to what the Bible says -- like what you do when you tell the murder factory of Planned Parenthood "God bless you" In terms of the Crusades: Statements by the church regarding heavenly reward for killing infidels are totally unsupported by the Bible -- unlike the Koran. The reason, moreover, for the Crusades was because your mohammadan brethren invaded the (Christian) Eastern Roman Empire. In terms of the Inquisition: Christians were also persecuted for professing their faith; in fact, the Inquisition was launched to counteract the Reformation. In terms of "Jim Crow" South: Just as many (if not more) Christians were Abolitionists and against racist segregation (wasn't MLK as pastor?) ----------------------------------------------------- Islam in contrast STILL practices and preaches, as per the Koran militant jihad against infidels, as it did in the Crusades tortures those who disagree with their theology, like the Inquisition, which was finally ended by other Christians supports slavery (especially sexual slavery) You have insulted Christians around the world for your ignorant and arrogant analogy, and we will protest via email, facebook, twitter, forum pages etc. Had you insulted Muslims around the world, there would have been riots, violence, and death-threats.
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