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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

deleeuw Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 11:05 AM
God bless you for your service in law enforcement -- those who protect the law seem the least protected by those same laws!
Are they decrying the un-American treatment of minorities? Why then are they burning the American flag? Or maybe they hate America, in which case they can move to Mexico or Canada.
If Jeb is nominated for GOP presidential candidate, the GOP (already proving itself even after an overwhelming mandate from the voters) will never see the inside of the White House ever again -- unless Jeb renounces his citizenship, moves to Mexico, then illegally enters the US, where he'll get hired by some silver-spooned liberal who's going to show others their "concern" and get elected President, where Jeb will be serving dinner.
Why does Barry look uncomfortably annoyed hugging Sibelius?
Actually, Barry, a president could sign an EO regarding taxes: The IRS is part of the Treasury Dept, which is part of the Executive Branch; EO's are meant to deal with the the operations of the Executive Branch or its departments Therefore, the operations of IRS are clearly within the scope the legality of an EO. This does not mean that an EO can change the tax laws, import tax increases, cut taxes etc., but it does mean that the IRS can be reorganized to simply not process 1040 forms -- or better yet, all personnel in the IRS could be fired.
The "compassion" argument is easily debunked by the fact that they are using services etc. for which they did NOT pay (via taxes) -- they are stealing from the tax-payers. THAT will reset the debate.
Murdering unborn girls is the ultimate act of misogyny!
We should drop pigs on the Ka'aba in Mecca -- one for every victim these things murdered!
Ironic, seeing that Obama is nothing but a Maxi Pad!
Just wondering, Does this President know ANYTHING of what's going on??? So, he's not a liar, but rather an idiot?
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