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Smart thinking, good writing. Thanks, Robert870.
You are 55 and conservative and you do not believe that government is the appropriate mechanism for enforcement of a social agenda. What do you suggest would be appropriate?
GWB gave us six great years in spite of the fact that for the first time since 1812, our country was attacked by outside forces. Democrats controlled the Congress during his last two years. He has kept us safe since and for that gets no credit from selfish persons like you. The government did grow during his administration as did the Nation. Retrogression as you propose is not the solution to bettering the country. The aliens you sneer at represent the future. His actions in the ME will eventually transform the region.
Dedication to liberty? This is another way of saying," If it feels good do it". Small government you say? Which parts do you eliminate? The military, transportation? Social security? Intelligence? Agriculture? Which other, if not one that benefits you or a family member personally?
(continuation) Those who bemoan the fact that George W. Bush said in a public address that Islam was a party of peace fail the test of compassion for at such a time, wisdom and courage and sensibility required that the nation's leader prevent extreme unrest. Those words were spoken in a house of worship where civility must reign. He then proceeded to fight the powers that did harm to us. I applaud him for displaying good common sense at the Cathedral.
I am afraid that the Republican Party division is more than merely one between two factions. I was and continue to be a staunch supporter of President George W. Bush. I believe that history will record him as a truly compassionate conservative, a distinctly high honor. I believe he lives happily knowing that he governed morally and effectively. Had opposing factions of the party given him the support he earned by espousing conservative and compassionate programs, we would not now have to cope with a devastating immigration problem. Had the Party supported him when he proposed a solution for easing the cost of public entitlements, we would not be hoping that President Obama will offer such a program tonight. (continued next)
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The Gang of 8 Proposal is Akin to Amnesty

Delcy Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 4:56 PM
I've said it before and I'll now repeat it. All persons in this country must have a fool-proof ID card on the person at all times. Jail, fine or deport anyone who is found without it.
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The Media's Favorite Fake Republicans

Delcy Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 10:16 AM
You forgot the worst of the bunch: Joe Scarborough.
John Hawkins did an injustice to former President G.W Bush in this column and should be ashamed for that. He should apologize. GWB served the country valiantly and with great affection for the nation during his terms in office. He recognized the fact that we had an ongoing serious problem in the Middle East what with an unfinished 20th century war which provided opportunities for evil forces to plot internal physical harm to our nation undetected; and the territory in the region to train their army of terrorists. If Republicans in legislative office had supported him when he offered programs to help find solutions for the problems of immigration and social security, we could have avoided the quandary we now find ourselves in.
Mr. Lambro really did not say anything. I kept reading hoping there was a punch line but I read in vain. The real problem is that the Republican Party does not have an identifiable spokesperson. Many say or write that we need another Ronald Reagan. There was only one, there will never be another. Acknowledge that truth and proceed from there. Like Mr. Lambro, I also did not say anything. Who has an answer?
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