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Take your meds Barney
They have no reason to go to the physical border, the border has come to them!
Judgement Day being " The Second Great American Revolution",?
BHO has completed his mental meltdown, NUTS!
The CBO, which stands for " Congratulations Barack Obama "
Hey Nevada, is Scary Harry really the best you have to send to the nations capital ?
B. Obama should now be listed #1 on the list of "MOST FEARD TERRORISTS". The senate & congress should order the U.S. Marshall to arrest the president and held in custody for mental evaluation. Get prepared uncle Joe, God help us !
Odrama in any color would still be inept !
We all know who we are. Too damn bad you don't get it Butt Head.
Holder & Odrama will do nothing more than ignore the Ways and Means Committee just as they have ignored all other issues.
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