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They Call Him Comrade

Dekkfish Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 4:34 PM
The speech you quoted from did not say anything about amnesty. It welcomes immigrants from non-European places, but did not say anything about granting citizenship to illegals. And there is nothing wrong with supporting legal immigration. But, while running for the presidency, it would have been suicide for him take a stance on illegal immigration, for or against. The proposed amnesty you are talking about came from Congress, not Bush. I do recall McCain pushing for amnesty, before and during his run for the presidency. They are not the same people, no matter how much that idea was encouraged in 2008. And I am not saying that Bush wasn't a fake conservative - he certainly was.

Doctor Roy wrote: I asked this question somewhere last week but didn't get an answer. If Corporations don't really pay income taxes- but instead pass it on to consumers- if a particular corporation pays little or no income tax (and there are many of them) could it then be possible that they are just using the statutory rate instead of their actual rate as an excuse to raise prices and outsource jobs overseas?- Obama's Solution to High Taxes: Even Higher Taxes

Dear Comrade Roy,

To paraphrase the movie Billy Madison, I think we are all a little dumber for having...