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Video: Bob Costas Auditions for MSNBC on Sunday Night Football

deestafford Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 8:37 PM
According to FBI statistics 2000 crimes are prevented daily by private gun ownership. Look at the states where it is tough/illegal to carry a gun and you will find higher crime rates than in those states with concealed weapons permitted. You have to look no further than NY and IL for examples. People talk about the "Wild West" when in reality the wild west was much tamer than most would believe when everyone carried a gun. How often do you hear about soldiers in a combat zone shooting another as a result of a disagreement? Almost nonexistent.

Not really, but you'd think this nationally-televised sermon on gun control might at least land the guy an offer of a weekend show, or something.  In the wake of the horrific murder-suicide that rocked the NFL over the weekend, Costas devoted a halftime monologue during NBC's Sunday Night Football broadcast to repeating the anti-gun inanities of a Kansas City-based sportswriter:

MSNBC joking aside, this was not one of the famed sportscaster's finer moments.  Costas can't hide behind the "I was merely quoting someone else's opinion"...

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