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In Some GOP Circles, Reform Is Already Underway

deestafford Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 7:37 PM
Two points: First, don't cowtow to the Hispanics by trying to out democrat them. The democrat party promises them it will be their santa claus and that's what the majority of them want. They come from countries with strong central government and religious institutions and know nothing about self governing. Can't out santa claus santa claus. Second, give us a true Conservative as a presidential candidate and see the turnout. Won't be any need to cowtow to Hispanics then.
The Republican National Committee chose to hold its recent winter meeting in Charlotte because North Carolina was a rare bright spot in last year's presidential election. Although it was the high-profile site of the Democratic National Convention, North Carolina became one of just two states won by Barack Obama in 2008 that went for Mitt Romney in 2012. (The other was Indiana.) So being in North Carolina made Republicans feel a little better.

But not much. The 168 members of the RNC grappled with the consequences of losing the presidential race, losing the Senate and losing seats in the House....