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The simplest explanation is the most accurate: Birds of a feather flock together.
Obama is purging the military of warriors at the senior officer and NCO ranks. He knows the military has traditionally been white, male, conservative, Christian...all of the things to which he is directly opposed to. So in order to reduce or eliminate that threat he is remaking the military, with the Air Force leading the way, to the image of multicultural, LBGT friendly/supporting, anti-Christian, female,and liberal. The military is no longer the fighting force it once was. Granted it did well in the Middle East but when it gets in a war with a more sophisticated enemy it will have a much harder time. By putting females on the front lines it will degrade the Infantry, Armor and other points of the spear. I know what it takes to be an Infantryman in combat. I fought in RVN, have been awarded the Purple Heart, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and other combat medals. Additionally, I have commanded seven units four of them in combat. Women cannot cut it in the front lines. The Infantry fights in the Middle East were tough but nothing compared to what would be faced in the jungles and extended combat for days on end. The United States military will suffer greatly because of this Destroyer-in-Chief. He has "fundamentally changed America" and he ain't through yet.
O'Reilly has become almost as narcissistic and as pompous as Obama. Not only is he ignorant on guns, he is also ignorant on the minimum wage. As my Mother use to say, "I'd like to buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth."
Y'all don't forget that Obama was fatherless and has never really had a mother as a role model. His mother was an indoctrinator and then he was palmed off on his grandparents. The grandmother worked in a bank and I have no recollection what his granddaddy did other than take little Barry to Frank Marshall Davis for more indoctrination. The "man's" psyche is screwed up and his concept of family is totally twisted.
You are so right. It was not the "rich" he stole from. It was the government that he stole from.
It's great that you took the effort to do that summary. I have read it before and have copied it down in a journal I keep on my thoughts and notes from things I read. I find this comes in handy when commenting on articles and letters to the editor in my hometown paper, The Augusta Chronicle. It's too bad the news media doesn't do it's research and chase the story of Obama, Michele, and Jarrett's communist connections and backgrounds. Of course, that would mean the MSM wass doing its job rather than being an enabler.
Correction: Jarrett is not a senior adviser to Obama. She is the power behind Obama. Nightly over dinner, she and Michele sit down with Obama a strategize what Obama will do the next day.
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Dear Mitt and Jeb: No, Thanks

deestafford Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 1:06 PM
Let's not forget Dr. Carson, Allen West, and some of the governors...only those governors who are TRULY CONSERVATIVE. Senators don't make good least none have in the past.
Look, this is not about justice. It's about creating divisions between groups as taught by Saul Alynsky. It this case it's the easy-to-riot ignorant blacks.
I found sit so offensive that I cut it off a the 40 second mark. To me this is child abuse and someone should go to jail for it. As to the figures on sexual assault, if one watches the AEI video it explains that it was from a bias, bogus CDC survey. If you have not watched the video I recommend it. I guess the CDC is doing things like this rather than working on diseases that kill.
I think the world would be better off if everyone who went to Stanford were spayed and neutered. People who put up with that PC BS don't deserve to pass along their genes.
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