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Is Law Optional?

deestafford Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 10:17 AM
Garner never had a true choke hold on him. His neck had too much fat for a choke hold to get to the artery. Another thing. When you are being choked you can't talk much less say, "I can't breathe" He was well over 350 pounds and had been let go from a job at the NYC parks department because he couldn't walk far enough to do his job. He was so obese that just lying on the ground on his belly would have caused strain on his lungs, particularly if he had asthma. Additionally, the police had been called to do something about Garner by the minority owner of the store in which he was selling illegal cigarettes because he was interfering with the store's business. His refusal to comply with the officers, knowing he had been arrested 30 times in the past and was out on bail, and his sorry state of health caused his death.
Aww, Y'all come on. Don't you know Obama believes these are terrorists who happen to be Muslims because there are no Muslim terrorists?
Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is two wolves and a well-armed lamb voting on what to have for lunch. We have survived all the things you say; however, it has never faced the things the Democrats have given us in the entitlement population which has an insatiable appetite for largess from the public treasury. It is the culmination of the Cloward-Pavin Strategy which Obama has studied. We cannot act so smug as to think we are immuned to the tides of history. I would postulate that we have survived longer than the many of the Founders would have believed because they understood human behavior and its tendency to consume itself through takers eventually outnumbering the producers. They understood that better than the populace does today. A republican form of government is not for the lazy and requires work to maintain. Right now we have elites in power who are willing to grow and kowtow to lazy takers in order to preserve their positions in power.
Johnson is just another incompetent Obama sickopants who "happens to be black."
This is a leader of the black people in a district in Texas? This is supposed to be an educated man? This is supposed to be a role model for the black youth? And we wander why so many blacks are in prison? He is blinded by hatred for white people and is really entrenched on the liberal plantation with the other members of the CBC whom Allen West says the majority are either communists or communist sympathizers.
I wouldn't be surprised if Obama doesn't put political commisars at the battalion level as did the Soviets and other communist countries.
I agree with that. I was an Infantry company commander in 1968 and was involved in the rules of engagement as they tightened later in the year after Tet. The pilots attacking North Viet Nam had to fly the same route at the same time at the same altitude everyday. Even an idiot could shoot down a plane with that knowledge.
Recall in his speech the other day that Americans should not give favortism to Americans over immigrants for anything because the only ones who have a right to complain about immigrants is "native Americans" aka "Indians". Now that all elections are behind him his tyranny efforts will only pick up steam. We ain't seen nothing yet. OBAMA UNLEASED!
The advocates of this policy will be satisfied only when the borders are eliminated and they can invade us at will unmolested. Make no mistake. We are being invaded and the invaders are not here to become Americanized. They are here to establish Mexico North and Iran West. Both are out to destroy the greatest country in the world because they have no concept of what made the country great. They see only the fruits of our past and not what the gardener had to do to produce the fruits. Obama does not truly understand American history because he has never been taught it. When he was Indonesia he got their history. When he was growing up in Hawaii he got Hawaiian history and not the history of the Founders. When he first came to America, it was as a college student at Occidental College where by his own admission he sought out the radical and communist students and professors. You know any history there was anti- American. The same could be said for Columbia and Harvard. In thought and philosophy, Obama is not American as the Founders envisioned an American to be. He is out to make the America in the image taught to him by his Mother, Grandparents, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and the "Reverend" Wright.
First line should start "Look, Obama and most of the left want..."
Look,and most of the left want to reduce the percentage of the white population. It began with the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act sponsored by Ted Kennedy. It started a change in the quota policy for immigrants until today 85% of them come from Third World countries. In 1965 the whites made up almost 90% of the population. Today it is less than 63%. When the proportion of the people with an ancestry from Western Civilization is a minority, America is no longer America. That is what left wants and they are willing to put in effect policies that will accomplish that. Why do they want to do it? Because they are against everything America stands for and the foundation upon which it was founded. They believe, and Obama is a major believer, that the US is a illegitimate country and must be changed. The bottomline is we are losing our culture to tribalism and balkanization the things the founders knew would happen if we had uncontrolled and unfettered immigration. All one has to do to understand the concern of the Founders is to read Federalist No. 2 written by John Jay and also the writings of Alexander Hamilton. The wise Founders foresaw these problems and put into effect ways to control them. It is all a well orchestrated plan to bring down America and it is working.
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