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Let's face it. We are being invaded! There is no other word for it and the girly man in the White House just sees this as another peg in his board of "fundamentally transforming America". God Help Us!
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Holding Greenpeace Accountable

deestafford Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 8:31 AM
Two points: Rachel Carson is responsible for more deaths through the falseness of "Silent Spring" than all the mass murders--Mao, Hitler, Stalin et al--of the 20th century combined. Most of these people involved on the "front lines" of these environmental wacko groups are from wealthy and middle class families and have never missed a meal a day in their lives. Our "watermelon" president is right there with them. It seems as if daily we find more harm he is/has done to the world.
I have never heard of Sharpton's fatherhood status. I would like to think he had none because it's terrible to pass those genes onto the future. However, if I were betting man my money would be he is numerous babies more than one babies momma.
The wimps in Congress led by our do-nothing speaker will sit on their hands with their craniums in rectal defalade and ignore the whole issue. Lord, please give us some Conservatives in Congress with guts who care about America and American culture.
This law applies to us Georgians who have a Concealed Weapons Permit. The number of people with CWP committing crimes is extremely minute. Most of the schools not only will not allow weapons in the school they refuse to arm any teachers. They say there is enough protection by school security officers. This just show the ignorance of educators...not trusting any of their teachers to be trained to carry a concealed weapon. A bar owner posting a sign really has no legal standing. There will be numerous people with CWP's in bars with their weapons.
Let's don't let "compassion" overrule the rule of law...A law which says a country has the right to secure its borders---Unless of course you are Nancy Pelosi and believe that we are all one peoples, Americans, in the Western Hemisphere and are only separated by borders....which she would eliminate if she could. Of course, she would still maintain property lines and fences on her property in CA.
I've got a question. We always hear how SS is running out of money (which I agree with as currently structured) but we never hear food stamps, medicaid, and other non-contributed welfare programs are running out of money...why not? It seems as if the elite rulers can always find money to pay their low information sheeple.
Obama and the democracts are nothing but the FASCIST PARTY!!! They have absolutely no respect for the Constitution and I think we maybe looking at the end of our governmental structure as we have known it since 1787.
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10 Things to Know for Today

deestafford Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 8:44 AM
And the administration is baffled over events in the Middle East? What else is new. If a college student wrote that in a term paper (assuming they still write term papers in college) that statement would not need a footnote because it is common knowledge.
Ahh, The peace loving "religion" of Islam. Why are y'all expecting anything from Obama on this? It has not been in the newspaper or on TV so he has yet to learn about it. Get your minds right;)
My guess is Ron Paul's text for teaching US History would be the leftist history book that is the darling of the academia world as a text, "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn. It overemphasizes every wart and ignores every success in American history. I recommend people go to a book store and get two books for a different look at American History: Zinn's book and Dinish D'Sousa's "America Imagine A World Without Her". The first will help you understand why kids graduate from high school and college hating America since Zinn's book is a text book in many education institutions.
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