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You are so right. If on e listens to the proponents, one gets the false impression that the governors all sat around table, rolled up their sleeves and developed the CC standards. You know what? The sheeple believe it!
In no case did a state legislature approve transitioning to the Common Core. It was done by the states' governors and their education secretaries.
Not only is it about the "standards" it's also about the content of the classes themselves. Please go to YouTube and look at how math is taught under common core. Just search "Common Core Math". For example, rather than a three or four step, 30 second step process of multiplying two three digit number the traditional way, Common Core math takes about a dozen or more steps and over five minutes. You won't believe what you'll see.
These people are either delusional or lying....or most likely both.
It is obvious that this district was drawn to keep the ignorant woman in Congress and prevent screams of racism if it were drawn as it should have been. Sometimes the Republicans in FL do some stupid things as redrawing the district of Alan West.
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Quit Playing Politics with Kids

deestafford Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 9:19 AM
Obama has not deported the large number of illegal immigrants as claim. As a matter of fact, he rates toward the bottom. Like many other things he does to make himself look good he has changed the definition of "deportation" to include any person turned away at the border and never entering the country. This action as criteria for "deportation" counting has never been used before.
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

deestafford Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 8:44 PM
In this article Ann shows a complete lack of personal research into the lying, racial, underhanded methods Cochran and the MS establishment used to get approximate 35,000 democrats (nearly all black) to come out for Ol' Thad. It's almost as if she took talking points from the MSM and did not fact checking on her own. This is a poor effort on her part and not up to the standards of many of her writings.
Let's face it. We are being invaded! There is no other word for it and the girly man in the White House just sees this as another peg in his board of "fundamentally transforming America". God Help Us!
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Holding Greenpeace Accountable

deestafford Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 8:31 AM
Two points: Rachel Carson is responsible for more deaths through the falseness of "Silent Spring" than all the mass murders--Mao, Hitler, Stalin et al--of the 20th century combined. Most of these people involved on the "front lines" of these environmental wacko groups are from wealthy and middle class families and have never missed a meal a day in their lives. Our "watermelon" president is right there with them. It seems as if daily we find more harm he is/has done to the world.
I have never heard of Sharpton's fatherhood status. I would like to think he had none because it's terrible to pass those genes onto the future. However, if I were betting man my money would be he is numerous babies more than one babies momma.
The wimps in Congress led by our do-nothing speaker will sit on their hands with their craniums in rectal defalade and ignore the whole issue. Lord, please give us some Conservatives in Congress with guts who care about America and American culture.
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