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This loon holding rosary beans in her hands should elicit the same reaction as a vampire holding a cross. She is a cafeteria Catholic---picking and choosing what suits her and ignoring the rest.
Many parts of London have been taken over by the Muslims and the control them with Sharia law. Why has the British government allowed this to happen in the first place? Could it be that they like Obama look at Islam as peace lovers rather than the thugs they are and their "holy" book tells them to be?
All strives to obtain equity only brings the top toward the bottom and never the bottom toward the top. One of the left's biggest weakness is its failure to understand human behavior...except for the part of giving to the moochers so they will continue to vote for them and continuing their dependence.
The nuts up there elected him and that Commie mayor in NYC. What do you expect. Unfortunately, the commie mayor has less nationwide influence than Upchuck.
Schumer is an idiot! The Dems tell you what they fear by talking/ranting about it.
Of course he does. He had "Tip" O'Neil as a mentor and example.
What a great contrast between the clued (Rumsfeld) and the clueless (Matthews and Morris). Rumsfeld is one of the most intelligent, hard working, dedicated true, selfless, public servants we have ever had.
Decades ago when I was in college I dated some girls who went to an all girls school. I was at the number one military academy in the country and at that time it was all male. The girls told me they enjoyed being in an all girl school because they were able to concentrate more on classes and studies rather than worrying about their looks and appeal to males. That was left for the weekends. As a result, the girls learned more without the male distraction. As an aside, we at the all male military academy did better also than today with the coed situation.
Even Schumer and what's his name from IL were busin' a gut trying not to laugh it was so ludicrous.
Racism! Racism! Ain't that what the DA hollered in Philadelphia when all those democrats were caught taking bribes and cancelled the sting operation? Heh. Heh.
Yeah! And they bring their liberal ways with them. Yankees are welcome here if the will assimilate and leave the ways of government and living they escaped from behind. Don't think you are going to make Georgia like Florida has become---New Jersey with palm trees.
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