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The government is taking in more revenue than ever in history. Notice how the government says the inheritance tax is going to cost the government hundreds of billions of dollars. That is exactly how they look at's all there money and any we keep takes their money away from them.
Don't let the ACLU know about this. If they do they will sue or undue harassment. This really should be a requirement to vote but we know nothing like that would even get a chance. Each state should require this.
If you watched the video, did you notice at about the 1:45 mark Shepard (whom I think is a liberal) says these people are doing all these things and they have no justification for doing in the 21st century? There justification is the Koran! When will people in America realize these people are following the teaching of the Koran? Yes, there are some beautiful verses and acts in the Koran but they are overridden by the verses of the violence of the latter part of the Koran.
Saudi Arabia is the money behind the building of mosques in the US which has increased 70% in the US since 9/11. 80% of the mosques surveyed had radical, violent, reading material in the entranceway and people were encouraged by the imam to take and read.
The current Muslim percentage of students is anywhere between 5-10% and increasing. What is the school going to look like in 20, 30 years when it is around 50%? Will it still be a "Methodist/Quaker" place?
The majority of divinity schools seem to have become breeding grounds of statists/socialists/leftists rather than teaching the works of Christ and the teaching of God. They are loaded with multiculturalism, relativism, and "tolerance". Tolerance is nothing more than the acceptance of something one views as negative.
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Offenders of the Western Faith

deestafford Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 8:08 AM
In Obama's world you can slander, criticize, and/or satirize everything----Everything that is that is not black or Muslim.
What else would you expect a socialist pope to say?
Did the majority of Japanese of Germans support their militant leaders in WWII? Most likely not. Obama can't say "Islamic terrorists" because a Muslim can't talk bad about other Muslims of the same sect.
Wonder if they will discuss their mutual admiration of the works and wisdom of their mutual friend Frank Marshall Davis.
Another communist/socialist dictator meeting and hug marked off Obama's bucket list.
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