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I'm tired of the national, non-Georgia people salivating that Nunn has a chance of winning in Georgia. It ain't gonna happen. We have not been overrun with enough yankees yet that we are in that bad of shape. They are coming here but there ain't that many yet. Maybe the governor can put the national guard on the runs leading into Georgia and anyone with a blue state automobile plate will be given a date/time stamp on an immigration paper and they would have eight hours to exit out of the state or be arrested and put on an immigrant bus back to their home state with the threat of prison time if they come to one of Georgia's borders again.
Once again some group declares war on the US and our president sends in the FBI to give parking tickets to those who over park their tanks in tow away zone. Obama doesn't want to offend the savages so he tip toes into "action". He dilly dallies in his decision making because he has no core beliefs that trigger protecting measures that support the US. He is more concerned about how the Muslims feel than he does about the protection of the US.
What is the damage to consenting parties' private property?
Oh, what a shame! World events and the call of the job have interrupted The One's much needed vacation. Will indignities never end for this Chosen One?
How can the idiot in the White House not see what 's happening? I guess it's because he's on the side of the Muslims. Don't forget how he kowtows to the Muslim Brotherhood who is a overarching umbrella including Hamas.
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Meet the New Host of "Meet The Press"

deestafford Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 9:15 AM
I know this is a dumb question but that has never stopped me in the past: Has NBC ever thought about having someone who is a Conservative to be the host? I know this is heresy but things like that enter my head from time to time.
Corrine Brown's district is only as wide as the interstate in some places. If you ever look at it on a map you are looking at what a brain scan of her's would look like.
It's bad enough this happened and even worse that it happened in Texas! Why is it that the idiots in charge don't see what's happening to our country? Oh, wait a minute....they do and it's what they want to happen. Balkanization of America. That's what the statist want because they don't like what America is.
Why doesn't the government just keep its cotton pickin' hands out of everything. This tyrannical egomaniac we have as president is going to get even worse.
Look, go to the book Blood Feud and you will learn Bill and Hillary have been laying (not a good word to use in the same sentence with Bill Clinton) the groundwork for her running in 2016 since 2011. They have courting Obama's support and Clinton even played golf with Obama to discuss it and Clinton's nominating speech at the Democratic Convention was done as a quid pro quo of Obama's support for Hillary. Not surprisingly, Obama reneged on his support once he was reelected. One problem maybe Hillary's health. It maybe going downhill to much. Bill's heart condition is getting progressively worse but he lays out how his death can be an advantage to Hillary's 2016 campaign with him having a big state funeral and her being portrayed as the grieving widow all dressed in black. This coyness is just a show. They already have "stolen" people from Obama's campaigns and have an organization in place on the ground throughout the country. As a matter of fact, Obama and Valerie Jarrett are struggling to hold on to Obama's campaign staffers to be part of a post-presidency organization Obama thinks he will have in DC to keep his agenda alive after he leaves. He has this delusion that he will be a president emeritus living in DC who will still be at the helm of the progressive agenda with people looking at him as the leader.
You are so right. If on e listens to the proponents, one gets the false impression that the governors all sat around table, rolled up their sleeves and developed the CC standards. You know what? The sheeple believe it!
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