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We should not be taking any refugees from the ME. Their cultures are no compatible with the values and cultures of the West. Notice how Obama is doing everything he can immigration-wise to dilute the white majority in the US so that the whites will be in a minority as quickly as possible. Once that happens, America is no longer America. It will be like a quasi-third world country which CA is currently rapidly moving toward.
This just shows that an ignorant, educated, anti-American can be elected in a NE state. The Democrats are pathetic and have no concept of why we went into Iraq and that we WERE TREATED AS LIBERATORS as long as we were kicking butts and taking names. When we became kinder and gentler they lost all respect for us. The Democrats don't remember what a tyrant Hussein was and how he was violating the conditions of the agreement he sighed to end Operation Desert Storm whose premature end came because of that "black is the most important thing to me" Colin Powell convincing G. H. W. Bush to stop the fighting because the road was litter with the bodies of Iraqis. I have no use for any state in the NE and that dislike is starting to move down toward VA and NC as the cancer known as liberal yankees move South in far too large numbers.
Here are the difference between Obama and Netanyahu: Netanyahu wants to save his country. Obama wants to change and bring down his country. Hatanyahu wants to prevent Iran from getting nukes. Obama wants Iran to get nukes because he thinks America is not the only one should have them because it's not fair. Natanyah loves his country, Obama hates "his" country.
Contrary to what is being put out there. The White House was notified by the Speaker of the invitation and they didn't respond until they thought it was time to stir the honey pot.
This article could have been written in one sentence: Sixty-eight percent don't like Abbott. What a waste of space. Give some specifics or stay away from the keyboard.
The future of Britain is at a crossroads it hasn't confronted since 1066. What happens there with the Muslim in the near future will have the same impact.
One of the many sad things about the Common Core is some well-meaning people such as Dr. Bill Bennett have been led to believe that it only sets standards and does not have an impact on the curriculum. However, if the standard is to multiply 352 x 287 and get the answer that it equals 103,894 is one thing; however, if required to show all the dozens of steps requiring graphics and circles that can come only from the mathematical methods of the CC developers is another thing. Standards are one thing. Showing to get to the standard can be done using CC methods is another. The only mathematician on the verifying board refused to sign off on the math standard because he said it would make things worse as far as learning math was concerned.
What is not shown is that most of the jobs "created" during his term have gone to immigrants and been low skilled. Additionally, something not being reported is that for the first time in US history more businesses are closing that are opening.
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Whose Job Is It to Kill ISIS?

deestafford Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 9:29 AM
You make an excellent point that too many who want us to stay out of the ME either don't know or refuse to admit. Their barbarianism will not stop over there. They continuously yell they are coming after us. The sad truth is there are hundreds if not thousand already here and have been here for decades waiting to be activated. Just as the communists were here for decades. Obama is colluding with Iran and has no problem with them having nuclear weapons for two reasons: First, he believes there is no reason other countries should not be as well armed as the US. They should all be equal which means bring us down or raising others up. He believes the United States of America does not deserve its lofty perch as the number one in the world. Second, is that he couldn't care less if Israel exists. As a matter of fact, he believes that having no Israel would bring peace to the Middle East. This evil man is ant-American and anti-Israel.
Lewis is a has-been who rode the tails of King. That nut from Oregon is a waste of a carbon life form and I know nothing of the anti-Jew from NC. All three are anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, always blame America socialists. They are example of what is wrong with the current crop of politicans.
Don't hang your hat on polls about this issue. When it goes before the voters it is defeated. THAT is the poll that counts.
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