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Abraham Lincoln

deestafford Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 9:49 AM
It does seem as if the blacks are the only ones who blame their current lack of progress and conditions on their ancestors being slaves. Dr Williams at one time wrote a column about why he was thankful his ancestors were brought here as slaves and he has had the opportunity to be born, reared, and live in this great country. He wrote, assuming he were still to be born, if he were born in Africa he would have lived in a grass hut, barely surviving off the land, and may have ended up floating dead in some stream as a result of a civil tribal war or starvation. He is thankful his ancestors "Got on the boat".
Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" has been a box-office hit and nominated for 12 Academy Awards, including best picture, best director and best actor for Daniel Day-Lewis, who portrayed our 16th president. I haven't seen the movie; therefore, this column is not about the movie but about a man deified by many. My colleague Thomas DiLorenzo, economics professor at Loyola University Maryland, exposed some of the Lincoln myth in his 2006 book, "Lincoln Unmasked." Now comes Joseph Fallon, cultural intelligence analyst and former U.S. Army Intelligence Center instructor, with his new e-book, "Lincoln Uncensored." Fallon's book examines 10 volumes of collected writings and...