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I'm just waiting for big media to pounce on Obama's "redistribution" gaffe..... waiting.... waiting....
Peggy Noonan is no conservative. Apologizing to violent extremists for Americans exercising free speech is not the American way and Romney was correct to condemn it.
I'm reminded of the drunken Anna Nicole Smith speech.
Isn't Zimmerman a registered Democrat? But Bill Maher never lets a good stereotype get in the way of facts.
It was Obama's own Harvard biography where he states he was born in Kenya. Maybe it was a slip up of the pen, but it creates questions. To this day nobody has ever seen Obama's original birth certificate, not even the Sheriff Arpaio's investigative team was allowed to see it. It doesn't prove Obama is foreign born, but it does raise questions. Obama is to blame for these lingering questions. There are no questions when it comes to Mitt Romney.
This was the same Charlie Crist who handed the party nomination to John McCain over Mitt Romney four years ago in Florida. Charlie Crist was a RINO's RINO. He should find a very comfortable home in the Democrat party.
I agree, but we need to be careful to send conservative Republicans to Washington if we're going to save the Republic. Republicans who embrace light socialism are still taking our country in the wrong direction.
Don't forget that Obama has hoarded all the cash from the DNC. Obama has far more cash on hand for himself than Romney. It's a big gamble by Obama and the Democrats to put all their eggs in one basket, and it could end very badly for the Democratic party come November.
Marco Rubio is the best pick for Romney. Florida is a must win state for Romney and Rubio would go a long way to locking it up. Also, Romney and the Republican party need to appeal better to the Latino community. Rubio's only negative is his youth, but it didn't stop Obama.
Pelosi, "Republicans are the E. Coli club." Imagine saying this about any other group such as Jews, blacks, or hispanics. It would be rightfully considered hate speech. This kinds of talk is only appropriate for serial murderers, not fellow law abiding American citizens.
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Krauthammer 1, White House 0

DeerJerkyDave Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 7:27 PM
So Romney's "gaffe" over the Bust wasn't a gaffe after all.
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