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The only problem with that is that her audience is 'the choir'. Now, if we could find a way to make libs listen to her.....
I STRONGLY disagree with that. My son attends an 'inner city' magnet school in Tampa (and my oldest graduated from there a few years ago). The school is about 3/4 black (local kids) and 1/4 magnet (predominately white). I know many of the teachers there (both magnet and traditional). almost ALL of them work hard to TRY and teach the kids (there are a few who do as little as possible, but the principal is working hard to eliminate them). The problem is LACK OF FAMILY AND VALUES. Those kids do not see the value in an education. Most come from single parent homes and were not taught the basic values (respect, honesty, etc). Having taught hs for several years, I can tell you - you cannot teach someone who doesn't want to learn!
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The Paul Ryan Choice

Deep Thought 42 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 9:46 AM
There are some who do... those who get more 'obama money' than they got before. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of those people.
I don't worry about the polls at this time. Think of this; does anyone know ANYBODY who will be voting for osama obama who voted for mccain last time? How many people who voted for obama last time will not do so now. That alone shoudl foretell the result.
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Paul Ryan: Hunting Machine

Deep Thought 42 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 1:28 PM
I would recommend that you read Milton Friedman's 'Free to Choose'. I would have suggested 'Capitalism and Freedom', but that requires a little more gray matter to comprehend.
I believe his returns comply. I think he's missing a great opportunity to show why we need MAJOR changes to the tax code and replace it with something simple (flat tax or fair tax). He could easily explain that, as with most people, he likes to make the most money and pay the least amount of taxes (within the boundaries of the law, of course). Given the existing tax code he had to accomplish it by moving money offshore, etc. Had the tax code been simpler and straight forward (NO deductions, allowances, etc) he could have used his money to where he thought it would have gotten the best return on investment - here.
I've been .listening to this bruhaha (ha-ha) for several days now - and NO ONE gets the point. The question isn't whether he paid taxes or not, the question is do his tax returns comply with the federal tax laws? I hope he paid no taxes. All he would be doing is taking advantage of the system congress and the presidents created ( note: mitt NEVER served in congress and hasn't been a president - he had no influence on making tax law). How many people do you know who voluntarily don't declare all the deductions they are LEGALLY able to? Why shouldn't someone structure his business to minimize his tax burden? This would be a perfect way to show how poorly written the tax laws are and ague for the fair tax or a simple flat tax.
He (and his school) are into robotics. is team (the school has 3) won the FL state championships which gave them a bid to the world championships - which they also won! I would say he made the right choice. IB is good for those who believe in cookie cutter 'little John Kerrys').
This is a subject VERY dear to me. Both my sons were accepted into the IB program here. Neither went. They both decided to go to a magnet school (also public) instead. The IB program was most assuredly 'one size fits all'. My youngest is a math wiz. He was ready to take precalc as a freshman in hs. The IB school said he couldn't do that - precalc was a 3d year course, so he would either have to take dipsh*t math as a time killer or no math for 2 years. Neither was acceptable. We put him in a STEM magnet program (Middleton, in Tampa). He is now going into his 3d year. As he got a 5 on the calc BC AP test, he will be taking calc 3 and 4 (vector calc and diff eq), and physics at a local community college.
Watch what you do? Don't be bad? The strip clubs on Dale Mabry are gearing up for a HUGE week!
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Milton Friedman's Centenary

Deep Thought 42 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 12:09 PM
i was attending IIT, (an engineering school about 3 miles north of U of C) when Friedman was in Chicago. I will never forget a discussion with some Northwestern students on economics. After exposing them to Friedman's views, one quipped, "What is he, a god or something". A friend of mine came back with a great line. 'I don't exactly worship the man. I am, however, very fond of the ground upon which he walks." We definitely miss you, Dr. Friedman !!!!!
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