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JP Morgan Chase Next on Obama Administration Hit List

Dee157 Wrote: May 17, 2012 11:13 AM
I thought I would throw this little tid bit of information on JP and their illegal Naked Shorts that they have been doing and trying to coverup, that the big media refuse to tell everyone about......Quite a good read .....

President Obama and his lackeys on the left will do and say anything to destroy our capitalist system that has made us the greatest nation to ever grace this earth. Let’s face it; the President is a utopian idealist, who has no real world experience working with the “free-market” system.

His primary purpose is to push his agenda of “fair-share” and to increase the individual’s dependency on “Big Government”. With the Justice Department today indicating they are launching a criminal probe into a $2 Billion trading loss at JP Morgan, the President’s Administration is at it again....

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