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Obama, Rubio Birthers Should Read the Law

Dee157 Wrote: May 30, 2012 10:40 AM
This author is a constitutional idiot. First the Supreme Court has ruled what a Natural Born Citizen is. Minor vs. Happersett 1875. They stated that it was a child born to two citizen parents. It has also be reaffirmed several times later. Obama nor Rubio nor Jindal can ever be called a Natural Born Citizen as they do not meet the requirements laid out by the founders. There is nothing in the 14th Amendment that says anything about being Natural Born. It only deals with citizens not Natural Born. The founders stated that after them there would never be anyone with a dual allegiance that would be Commander in Chief. This author nust have gotten his information from Media Matters or the White House directly.
I thought I would throw this little tid bit of information on JP and their illegal Naked Shorts that they have been doing and trying to coverup, that the big media refuse to tell everyone about......Quite a good read .....
And its time Rubio understands that the real republicans in this Country understand that he is a Cuban and he is not a Natural Born Citizen. He needs to come out and make a statement to that fact so we can move on and find a real Vice POTUS. Just because Obama was allowed by the cowards in the GOP to pull off the biggest fraud in American history we will not stand for it again. We will go to the streets to stop this.
I would like to point out to Miss Cohen and the editors here that this should be a 17 TRILLION dollar funding gap not 17 Billion. Quite a bit of difference there.
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