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Pathetic: MSNBC Cuts Speeches Given by Minorities at RNC From Coverage

Dee Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 2:30 PM
>"...people nobody has ever heard of..."< Nobody has ever hear of former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis? He's only the guy who gave the keynote speech and introduce obama to the DNC in 2008! Go back to smoking whatever it is you smoke and leave selecting leaders of this country to people who pay attention and have memory longer than their pinky toe!

To fuel their false "GOP is racist" argument, MSNBC conveniently cut every speech given by a minority from their RNC coverage tonight. Francesca Chambers at Red Alert has the evidence:

MSNBC wants you to think the Republican Party hates minorities. So much so that the liberal news network cut minority speeches from it’s convention coverage.

When popular Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, the GOP nominee for Senate, took the stage, MSNBC cut away from the Republican National Convention and the Hispanic Republican from Texas’ speech.

MSNBC stayed on commercial through...