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Suffolk's Chief Pollster: Yeah, Romney's Going to Win FL, VA, and NC

DedeGreene Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 4:22 PM
I was asking my husband the same thing a few days ago as an AA. But we both came to the same conclusion that it doesn't matter if another black or minority ever does. Having the country's ideals of freedom of speech, religion and a nation that's functioning well where people have jobs and futures is more valuable. No more needing to see certain races do certain things should be sought, I'm just saying.

Wait.  What?  We're four weeks out, and a major pollster is going on national television to declare the race in three major battleground states over?  First, here's the clip from O'Reilly via Gateway Pundit -- we'll discuss below:

So Suffolk University's respected polling outfit is publicly announcing it's pulling out of this trio of states to focus on other tight battlegrounds (pollsters do this?) because their data and trendlines have them convinced that Romney's going to carry all three.  Let's see...