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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

decoy Wrote: May 16, 2014 8:39 AM
Please spell his name correctly. I am Graywolf and Graywolf 12 all over the net, and I do not want to be associated with the above jerk.
Another kick in the face for the Black workers. He will succeeded in total destruction of the Black race with the reduction of jobs, and amnesty for millions to take jobs from the Black workers. As added insurance he pays planned parenthood millions, at least, to continue the elimination of the less desirable, started by Margaret Sanger. He allow criminals to drug infest black areas while pushing stupid anti-gun laws to prevent the residents from protecting themselves. He HATES the Black race.
Bill Kristol has not been a conservative for at least a decade. No conservative should listen to his rants that are designed to sway people to bow before the porogressives and kiss the "O" ring.
Typical progressive ploy. Lie, repeat often, scream louder each time , and the sheeple will believe it. After all we have spent years reducing their education to fluff, hatred of the country and parents,love of fairness and justice They must have female vote or they will not be able to steal enough votes to win.
Al, to see a real racist look in a mirror.
The progressives are using many things to reduce the population. We know that people that are unable to find work go into depression. With that burden they no longer exercise, or eat properly, coupled with alcohol, tobacco, and drug use takes its toil on longevity. I'll bet the suicide rate and assault rates are way up, but unless there is gun violence we will not hear about it. Another green project at work, only this one works.
Once again the progressives are playing the blame game. Who closed most Mental hospitals in this country? Who Passes laws to keep sick people i n the general population? Who will have you arrested if you try to expose someone that is a sever danger to the population? There are others, but why waste time typing them as the progressives will ignore the real problems and call me a racist.
Some time before 1950 My father bought me a Marlin 22 Cal bolt action rifle. Guess what, it has a detachable magazine. To read and listen to the progressives such a feature is something new. They like Bill O'reilly need some real education on weapons. Tell Bill heavy weapons are like the 105 Howitzer. Maybe he ment a 50 Cal that weifgts 26+ Lbs. that is heavy.
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DHS to Border Patrol: Run Away

decoy Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 10:41 AM
I agree, throw things. Throw hollow point bullets until gun is empty. A bunch of cowards now attempting to turn all brave men into sheeple. What have we allowed this country to become? Protect criminals, and every deviate, and law breaker at the expense of the population. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. When in public the agents should look for old vets and shadow them. The vets will know what to do and do it. Damn the progressives, full speed ahead to common sense, and reasonable government.
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Pipeline Death By a Thousand Studies

decoy Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 4:15 PM
Warren Buffett was on Fox News this morning. He said there are over 30,000 fracked wells now, his Co. has fracted 5-8000, and this has been going on for decades. There is NO proof that all that fracking has done any damage, only in the minds of the maybes, might happen, and you can not prove it will not happen crowd is there damage. Time adults took charge and put the kids to bed on time. Someone else said it "come to Texas oil patch and see for your self what fracking, drilling, and oil production has done", none.
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