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Great way to reduce population ,and help Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel toward his goal of no one reaching an age past 75. After all rural people are probably old, poor, and stupid so the world is better off without them. But remember they are a friend of the old, poor, and illegal. Ha, Ha.
Lets now look for other deadly diseases to bring into the country. Oh, we are doing that at the Southern border, and sending it to all 50 states. I guess the 7 other states Obama knows about are too important to put in danger. This is the most stupid idea I have seen in my 79 years, 44 of which was spent working in clinical laboratories, teaching microbiology, and Parasitology.
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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

decoy Wrote: May 16, 2014 8:39 AM
Please spell his name correctly. I am Graywolf and Graywolf 12 all over the net, and I do not want to be associated with the above jerk.
Another kick in the face for the Black workers. He will succeeded in total destruction of the Black race with the reduction of jobs, and amnesty for millions to take jobs from the Black workers. As added insurance he pays planned parenthood millions, at least, to continue the elimination of the less desirable, started by Margaret Sanger. He allow criminals to drug infest black areas while pushing stupid anti-gun laws to prevent the residents from protecting themselves. He HATES the Black race.
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