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While who changed the talking points is a rather important detail, it only is so because depending on who is telling the truth, it provides a small amount of cover for Hillary on the night it happened. I think the big mistake Republicans have been making is that they have not been loud enough in their criticism of Hillary's State Department and how the whole Benghazi incident could have been avoided, had the leadership at State not engaged in gross incompetency. The latter part of Guy's report details this, and is vital as a means to derail Lady Hillary's designs on the Presidency.
While I applaud Governor Walker's response. A better response would have been to not say a word. One does not have to dignify such an utter ridiculous response with even an acknowledgment .
Tim is a great guy. However, he does not have the skill set to succeed as a QB in the NFL. It is just that simple. He was not banned.
Impeach him for what? I am no Obama supporter, but as we just throw out those words with nothing to back it up, it gets us nowhere and makes our side look foolish.
Sorry Happy Jake. If you are referencing Benghazi, while the whole debacle there is an example of gross negligence, Benghazi has not and most likely will not rise to the level of Watergate, because The Obama administration has not obstructed justice, the way the Nixon Administration did. True, people died in Benghazi, which is a horrible tragedy, and the result of incompetence, but incompetence is usually not illegal.
You can say what you want, but within public education, if the state mandates Common Core, all local school districts are required to implement the standards. Many conservative states have been duped into implementing common core. I believe it is simply the "everybody's doing it" mentality. As a teacher, trying to implement common core language arts standards, it is a nightmare. The standards are ambiguous consist of over generalizations. In short, they are simply too vague. I am not sure what can be done. The Common Core tide is rising, and even states like Arizona and Utah have adopted them.
He should have worn depends.
not raising the debt limit...(correction for "reading")
I am not defending Carney but this is an out of context quote. He did not say that cutting spending was irresponsible, he said that not reading the debt limit so that the US could pay its bills is irresponsible. Carney did not answer the question. He changed the subject. The truth is that the left is simply not serious about cutting spending or reigning in the debt. The reason is that they simply do not think that the debt is important.
NO...His plan...Raise taxes first...cut spending later.
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