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Please fix the grammatical error in the headline. It looks like a 3rd grader wrote it.
If Obama does grant executive amnesty, I do think that it will be the earthquake that will cause the tsunami that will give both the House and the Senate back to the Republicans. I just read a poll that said that something like 71% of Americans want these illegals deported immediately. I do believe that Obama makes every move with politics in mind, but this time I think he is miscalculating. This action will seal his fate, so long as Republicans don't take the bate and try to impeach him before the mid-terms.
the amazing thing is that Ireland is shaking her head as if she is the informed one, but is the one that probably did not read one line of the majority opinion. Here indignation is palpable, but it is from the point of view of complete and utter ignorance. Why is it that these extremists have abandoned all reason and understanding?
I do not doubt that Bergahl is probably telling the truth about being tortured. But that is not the question. The question is how did he fall into enemy hands? Those who have commented that this story is an attempt to curry sympathy for an alleged deserter, I think, are spot on.
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MA Lawmaker Launches Sweeping Gun Bill

Deckard Wrote: May 29, 2014 4:41 PM
Here in Utah, where conceal and carry laws have been on the books for years, and where teachers are allowed to conceal and carry in the classrooms, there has never been an on campus shooting. Just last week we had a story of how two armed intruders were turned back by a armed and law abiding homeowner. In 2012 a man started stabbing people in a Super Market in SLC but was subdued by a private citizen who was legally carrying his concealed weapon. But hey. Criminals, go to Massachusetts. Look for "Gun Free Zone" signs and have fun.
Can someone explain to me how speaking at the commencement ceremony at West Point is the best time to announce new policy? Liberal Democrats look at every event, every incident and every speech through the goggles of politics. Commencement addresses should be part nostalgia, part pep talk, part advice. This is not a time to spout or grandstand about asking for more funding for something. So ridiculous.
In order to be intellectually honest, one must consider that both parties are at fault for the immigration problem. The democrats have no desire to enforce the immigration laws because they rightly see today's illegals as tomorrow's democrat voters. The republican constituencies such as the Nat Chamber of Commerce see illegals as cheap labor. The US has for too long under both Dem and Republican Presidents have talked about enforcement of current laws, while winking and letting anyone in who wants to come.
So by Pelosi's logic she believes that if a tree falls down in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, it does NOT make a sound. So absurd!
While who changed the talking points is a rather important detail, it only is so because depending on who is telling the truth, it provides a small amount of cover for Hillary on the night it happened. I think the big mistake Republicans have been making is that they have not been loud enough in their criticism of Hillary's State Department and how the whole Benghazi incident could have been avoided, had the leadership at State not engaged in gross incompetency. The latter part of Guy's report details this, and is vital as a means to derail Lady Hillary's designs on the Presidency.
While I applaud Governor Walker's response. A better response would have been to not say a word. One does not have to dignify such an utter ridiculous response with even an acknowledgment .
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