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See - Seekwes - Sequestration

debradrs Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 7:56 AM
Ha! obomination thought he saw an easy check mate with higher taxes capture opponents queen. CHECKMATE his king is done, spending cuts have only just begun on his watch.

The latest projectile-sweat-producing event in Our Nation's Capital is the looming automatic cuts in the federal budget known as "sequestration."

Sequestration is not a word we get to use every day in a sentence, most of us, but it is fun to say because we get to use the tip and the back of our tongues to say it.

According to Webster's, sequestration is a 14th century word from the Latin sequesrare - to hand over to a trustee or some other third party. Today it is an intransitive verb meaning to segregate (as a jury), to seclude, or to seize...