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Jack Lew "Must Never be Treasury Secretary"

debradrs Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 7:59 AM
IF everyone who does not want this nation to fail would UNITE to let every elected official know that he should not be appointed then maybe we have a chance UNITE people in a single minded endeavor to stop obomination to end a grab at tyranny and to bring back our GOD given freedoms hard won by our forefathers and so easily lost by a too contented bloated lillyfied entitlement mentality me not you selfish people. WAKE UP UNITE

With the hysteria brewing over the upcoming debt ceiling crisis and the uproar over gun control, people are concentrating on what the right hand of government is doing.  They are paying scant attention to the left hand which is feverishly nominating people to positions of power that we know very little about.

The media is virtually burying the stories on most of Obama’s choices for his second term.  Those we already know like Janet Napolitano and John Kerry are really not worth the effort to talk about.  We know what we are getting with them, the book...