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Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder?

debra161 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 10:59 AM
First of all, Holder was instrumental in denying justice to whites who were denied the right to vote. I believe his 'exact' words were "This case demeans 'my people'." Secondly, he's refused to prosecute some blacks for their law breaking behavior. Third, he was responsible (along with Obama) for Fast and Furious which caused the death of hundreds of Mexicans, and our agents. Fourth, he has time and again refused to comply with the demands from congress to supply documents relating to both Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandal. Fifth, he already said if he had his way (and he usually does) that no one would be prosecuted for the Benghazi scandal. Now, instead of complying with the 'just' demands of Congress (after a judge ordered that he supply the documents to Fast and Furious); he's resigning in order to avoid prosecution. So to make this criminal a Supreme Court Justice, is simply another slap in the face of the American people, and the Constitution.
No it won't. You see, they'll be in the 'top tier' ... unlike 'us'.
Richard, I thank you for your service. I was also in the service (only during peacetime though). Even when I was in the service, I sought civilian care whenever and where ever possible. While it was more expensive, I didn't trust the Va or the doctors in the military hospitals. And when I qualified as a vet (even though it was only for a 'short time') ... I refused military care too.
Yes Jokamura, no matter if you're paying out of your own pocket or not.. the provisions of ObamaCare are already affecting you. It's already affecting you in what medicines you are 'allowed' to receive. And other even more 'insidious' provisions are beginning to take affect as well. If you want facts you can buy the actual ObamaCare 'law' on Kindle, or you can go to Congress.gov. It's harder to follow the law on Congress.gov, but Congress.gov is just as accurate.
The Memorial has to make money somehow. Gifts shops are in all museums now. While I understand the 'pain' the family members of the victims and survivors are going through; this memorial is no exception.
Better yet, throw the UN out of the USA. Give that land back to the state of NY, and completely defund the UN!
And what about you Democrats mocking people in wheel chairs is 'not offensive'? Answer direct questions please 10 - formerly King!
And what about you Democrats mocking people in wheel chairs is 'not offensive'? Answer direct questions please 10 - formerly King!
So let me get this straight. You were ok when you Democrats wore the "retarded babies for Palin Tee shirt. You never considered that 'vicious'... Ohh Kay... That means that when President Obama made fun of those with Physical and Mental disabilities on the David Letterman show ... you were ok with that too. And you were also ok with his 'non apology'. That also means that you were ok when Wonkette launched a series of attacks on Trig Palin simply for being Sarah's kid, and having "Downs Syndrome". ... Nope YOU don't consider 'that' to be vicious at all ...do you? So does that mean that you were ok with the Congress and Senate trying to pass HR 2413 the Autism treatment accelerated act which would have forced all men, women, and children to sign a register ... and submit to being monitored like a criminal sex offender ..merely for being the way God made them. Nope that's not vicious at all .. is it? For facts go to Congress.gov ... as even FOX NEWS refused to cover this. And now you SAY it's ok to mock a man for being in a wheel chair, and daring to run for Governor. And again you say 'that isn't vicious'. Wow, FDR would be so 'proud of you'... I just love when you Democrats expose the level of hypocrisy and HATE to which you will stoop.
The Koch Brothers aren't the ones who are 'funding' Obama, that would be Soros. Nice of Duke Nuk'em to 'forget' that.
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