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It isn't clear what they were booing??? They were booing at God and Jerusalem being put back in the platform, whether their objections was based on the content itself or the process doesn't change the fact that they were booing God and Jerusalem being added into the platform.
Save Medicare ~ Repeal Obamacare!
The death penalty is not simply "punishment." The primary purpose is to rid society of a danger. If a family dog attacks a child, no matter the reason, we kill the dog. Putting a mass-murderer in prison for life is not justice, because then the same society which was victimized by the guilty in the first place is twice victimized by having to literally pay for the crimes by caring for and maintaining the guilty for life. And to say the death penalty is not a deterrent, it is an absolute deterent for the guilty who are put to death.
I'm not so sure but what the Clinton's may have their eyes on something a bit more near-at-hand. If, say, Obama's numbers were to tank sufficiently before the Democratic convention that it appears he is going to lose, might Hillary not step in at the last moment to "save" the day and garner enough convention delegate votes to become the Democratic nominee? Or would such a maneuver even be possible? I don't put anything past the Democrats any longer!
On the question of whether Romney should go positive, why not do both? He should run dark, depressing, hard-hitting, negative ads about the abysmal job performance of Obama on every issue, and at the same time do bright, patriotic, inspiring, positive ads about Romney's plans to rebuild the strong, prosperous, free and successful America that has made us the leader of the free world for generations. The contrast should be stark.
I think what needs to happen is that the gentleman who was falsely identified as the mass murderer should sue ABC and Brian Ross! A few lawsuits when news organizations make these false accusations by the individuals and organizations they slander is probably the only way to stop it.
Great response! It should be pointed out that this particular shooter had his apartment wired with very sophisticated explosives so if guns were not available he could easily have purchased a ticket, taken a seat in the theatre, stowed a backpack under his seat, left the theatre, and a few minutes later the bomb in the backpack explode and kill perhaps even more people. Look at what just happened in Bulgaria when a bomb on a bus killed 7 and injured 20 more. Guns are not the problem, sick people are the problem. This guy had no history of violence and would have passed a background check with flying colors. The only thing that might have stopped or at least mitigated this rampage is if someone had shot him and stopped it.
Juan's back-handed insult to Michelle aside, the real problem here is liberals like Juan who offer up talking points designed to defend the White House which directly contradict statements made by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D), Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee who said in the press conference that these leaks contained "critical, tactical, covert information that put lives at risk, that put allies at risk. And this is what we're concerned about." So on that point Juan is at best sadly misinformed, and at worst, intentionally obfuscating to protect the White House. On the second point Juan made, that this was general information that was has been widely discussed, that is also in direct contradiction to Senator Feinsteins...
Another political truth to note: The vast majority of Latino immigrants, legal AND illegal, are staunch Catholics!!!
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