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Ha! The liberal press wasn't one bit concerned about this administration trampling on the constitutional rights of the people, but now that it's their ox being gored listen to them scream! What? Did they honestly think this lawless administration that doesn't hesitate to violate the constitutional rights of their opponents would somehow have respect for the constitutional rights of the press? Reaping what they sow comes to mind ...
It could also be argued that the higher the education level the more time spent in secular progessive indoctrination.
What I'd like to know is why Fox channel (not the News channel but the regular programming channel) doesn't have a morning and evening news hour to compete with network tv? Give the casual news observers an alternative to ABC/NBC/CBS.
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The Media's Rape of Reality

Deborah52 Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 11:37 AM
kventuroso, the word "rape" is not limited only to sexual intercourse forced on a woman, it also means an act of plunder or violent seizure of an object, or to violate or despoil something like to "rape the countryside." So the problem here isn't the use of the word rape, but your own narrow prejudice that automatically sees women as victims. The real "war on women" is among those in our government and society who stand stilently by when other governments and societies condone women and girls being abused and beaten and tortured and murdered by their own fathers, husbands, and brothers! So please spare us your crocodile tears about a trumped up war on women in America, we women in America have real and deadly serious issues to deal with!
Yeah Carney, tell the families of those murdered that this wasn't personal!!! Go ahead!
This administration has adopted the view that the militant muslims are as a man standing over his wife he beat half to death and cold-bloodedly claiming it's her fault for making him angry. Where on earth does that come from?
I very much fear the "Arab Spring" was nothing more than a propaganda cover for a radical Islamic coup. Now we have three Irans. This will be the legacy of Carter and Obama, a dangerously naive and desperately incompetent handling of foreign affairs that has made the world a much more dangerous, violent place.
Becca, I don't believe the problem is the level of government which is involved, the problem is that elected officials who make the contracts with the unions are elected by union votes, which makes for an inherrently corrupt system of management. That's what needs to be changed. The taxpayers, who foot the bill for edcuation, need to be represented at the bargaining table, or better yet, in control of the system since they pay for it. Let each individual school negotiate with their teachers on a one-on-one basis to determine what works best for their students.
There they go again! The unions didn't learn from Wisconsin? If they push this, and especially if the President gets involved, the outcome won't matter, the public will see this for what it is, greed on the part of the unions plain and simple. Bad political mistake in this difficult economic climate!
It isn't clear what they were booing??? They were booing at God and Jerusalem being put back in the platform, whether their objections was based on the content itself or the process doesn't change the fact that they were booing God and Jerusalem being added into the platform.
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