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Bordering on Madness

Deborah269 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 7:18 AM
I must agree with you and add this thought: In the 1800's there were so many Irish who came to America that in New York and other cities the signs for "help wanted" also had the post script NINA. No Irish Need Apply. If a potential employer were to have the post script NUNA, No Undocumented Need Apply, the media would have a field day. America can no longer be the panacea for the worlds ills. The people who want a better life for themselves and their children, should change the country they live in not simply change countries.
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The Armpit of Academia

Deborah269 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 1:29 PM
I was a feminist, then I turned 15 and realized, God made me female for a reason, and if God had wanted me to act like a man, dress like a man, and work like a man, He would have made me a man.Should people be paid the same rate for the same job? Yes. Should they use the same communal toilet? No. The only thing the feminist's have accomplished is to make men look like idiots on T.V. and themselves look like raving loons.
Once again Elder delivers!
Good information!
I hope you are right. Regs can be confusing for any and all of us who are not active duty.
As long as we as a nation, do not consider completely and comprehensively the character of our leaders, the people we vote for will be the same. If we didn't judge by looks, and witty words, and impossible promises, we might get a few decent people in public office, but as long as our elected public servants use their office as a stepping stone for book deals, speaking fees, insider trading, and the accruing of wealth the average voter only dreams of, we will not prosper as a nation. It's hard to pass good laws and logical budgets, when you are too, busy taking care of your"career in politics", to read them. The American people are funding a country club for the elite , while we struggle to make ends meet. SNAP, Section 8 , medicaid, and other social programs should not and do not take the place of JOBS. MSM news outlets do not take the place of actual personal research on a candidate.
In Germany, it is illegal to deny the Holocaust. In America, we give "gold stars". This reeks!
Great article! Should be mandatory reading for every employee of the state department and every member of congress.
Seeing all sides are critical, that's why the MSM only gives us 1 side.
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