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Why is it that social security is always "broke" but never welfare? Maybe it's time to limit the number of children we pay for on welfare. People are welcome to have as many children as they want, but we will only pay for one. Including food stamps and their medical bills. Do you realize how much we pay in medical bills just for having a baby? I just processed a medical and food stamp case yesterday where the illegal parents have 17 children. Guess who pays for all expenses.
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The Most Wasteful Government Programs

Deborah163 Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 10:16 AM
That's because it's not considered fraud to lie to receive food stamps or medicaid. We are instructed to accept whatever a client tells us they earn or don't earn. On certain cases we can verify income, but not expenses. If a client claims rent is $1800 month but only earn $1500 and have 6 kids but don't know where dad is, we are not allowed to ask for clarification. I could refer 9 out 10 cases to investigaters, but am prohibited from doing so.
In state of Nevada we are not allowed to report suspected fraud to our investigators regarding Medicaid. We are told to just let it go. As a worker for welfare the biggest abuse is by far medicaid. When ACA was initiated our welfare rolls exploded. We were instructed to just accept a client's statement regarding their income and approve as many cases as possible.
If that happens, he should/could/would? Be impeached.
Another idea would be for snap and TANF to be deducted from a recipients tax return. As it stands now many recipients who receive TANF and snap work just a few months then quit their jobs. Then they file tax returns and receive several thousands of dollars (I've seen as much as $11,000+ due to child credits). And for those who think recipients cannot find jobs, think again. I live in a state that is considered hard hit by the economy, yet many many recipients will reduce their hours or quit their jobs in order to retain food stamps. They often ask how many hours do they have to work to get the maximum in food stamps. They find it difficult to spend their own money on food. To some who have been on food stamps either all or most of their lives it is a concept that they don't understand. I once had a substitute school teacher tell me she had been offered a full time teaching job, but was thinking of declining because she would either lose her food stamps or they would be reduced.
I recommend that after 2 denials, hire an attorney specializing in disability claims. I work for the state in which I live and work with this everyday. I have seen children receive SSI benefits (currently $721 month) due to speech issues until age 6 (what child/toddler doesn't have some speech issues?).
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Let’s Go Nuclear!

Deborah163 Wrote: Nov 24, 2013 10:09 AM
I live in Nevada, how can we recall the weasel Reid?
Well redistribution is worse than you know, at least in Nevada. The Medicaid applicants have and are exploding. Those who have never met eligibility requirements in the past are now eligible under the "expanded Medicaid", which is 400% of poverty level. The real kicker is...you can list whatever income you want...even $0 income. And we must take your word for it. We are forbidden to check or even question an applicant's answers. So it now encourages people to lie (more than previously as we could check and question or refer to investigators, that is now forbidden). We are also seeing it is better not to be married if a spouse is employed and the more kids you have the better your benefits will be. And just wait until the illegals are eligible.
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The New Welfare State

Deborah163 Wrote: Oct 20, 2013 12:24 PM
Not sure why all these studies use in their stats a single mother with 2 children. To be more accurate, it should be a single mother with 5 children. I have worked for welfare in two states and the real average is determined to be five.
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Ten Biggest Lies of the Showdown

Deborah163 Wrote: Oct 18, 2013 7:42 PM
I for one will not be voting in favor of my current "conservative" Senator Dean Heller or Rep. Joe heck. They certainly are not representing me I will vote for anyone who opposes them. If they run unopposed, I will not vote at all. I'm tired of the rinos in office. Why can't Nevada find a "Ted Cruz", a real man with cajones.
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