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It's sad and sick that this kid's name and face are plastered all over the news and the internet, but not much, if anything, has been said about the people he murdered. We're giving him the fame and notoriety that he wanted. The "right" thing to do would be to keep his name and face out of print and focus instead on the lives he took.
My folks are very anti-anything that smacks of energy conservation: outraged by animal protection legislation & water conservation measures, even when the lake behind their house dried up..I don't get it. They quote Genesis frequently. Yeah,- I get the argument that mankind was given "Dominion" over the earth and the creatures on it. But what about all the Biblical lessons on Stewardship? We have an obligation to protect our resources through legitimate conservation (not this hyped-up global climate change fiction, mind), pollution reduction, and sustainable policies. Do we really need all these plastic bags and packaging? Do we really need all of these convenience products? There's got to be a sane way to handle the issue.
And don't forget, Christ himself said that one who divorces and remarries (or marries a divorced woman) is guilty of adultery.
Thank You Ms. Malkin! I've been saying essentially the same thing for years! Pay attention to how you spend your money...the products you buy support political action more often than you realize! I don't research every single thing I buy, but there are numerous companies out there that I refuse to support due to their "politics," their business practices and/or the messages inherent in their advertising - I've sacrificed my favorite cereal, my favorite ice cream, and now it looks like my favorite brand of soda will join my list of taboo products.
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Can Mitt Romney Win?

Debora12 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 6:21 PM
All I can say about Romney, is that I will not cast a vote for him - not even as a vote against Obama. I'm tired of the lesser of Evils. If the GOP can't or won't present a decent candidate, I will write one in.
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