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Playing Latinos for Pawns

debOK Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 2:45 PM
Not to mention the profits went to the Union Mob bosses, not the shareholders and taxpayers and oh yeh, what about all the dealerships and connected businesses they shut down, largely in Red States of course, and what about the money they got from the stimulus that was paid back with TARP money, double screwing the taxpayers.
Desperately flailing in his bid for re-election, the President hopes to sway votes in the Latino community (especially in states he needs like New Mexico and Colorado) by coming up with a half-baked extralegal plan that -- depending on how one looks at it -- is either nothing at all, or else constitutes a big impediment to reaching a permanent, legislative solution on how to address the illegal immigration crisis in this country.

How is the plan nothing at all?  Well, how many young people under 30 who meet all the criteria set out by the President...