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The Whole "Obama is Jesus" Thing Just Got Worse

debir Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 6:25 PM
of falling overboard in the middle of the ocean and swimming as fast as I could as the ship steamed off and disappeared over the horizon." Although Ayers has tried to put his anxious ocean-going days behind him, the language of the sea will not let him go. "I realized that no one else could ever know this singular experience," Ayers writes of his maritime adventures. Yet curiously, much of this same nautical language flows through Obama's earth-bound memoir. "Memory sails out upon a murky sea," Ayers writes at 1 point. Indeed, both he and Obama are obsessed with memory and its instability. The latter writes of its breaks, blurs, edges, lapses. Obama also has a fondness for the word "murky" and its aquatic usages. "The unlucky ones
debir Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 6:25 PM
drift into the murky tide of hustles and odd jobs," he writes, 1 of 4 times "murky" appears in Dreams.

Ayers and Obama also speak often of waves and wind, Obama at least a dozen times on wind alone. "The wind wipes away my drowsiness, and I feel suddenly exposed," he writes in a typical passage.

Both also make conspicuous use of the word "flutter." Not surprisingly, Ayers uses "ship" as a metaphor with some frequency.

Early in the book he tells us that his mother is "the captain of her own ship," not a substantial 1 either but "a ragged thing with fatal leaks" launched into a "sea of carelessness."

Obama too finds himself "feeling like the 1st mate on a sinking ship."

Earlier this week comedian and actor Jamie Foxx called President Obama the "Lord and Savior." Now, a Boston community college art gallery is displaying a painting of Obama being crucified like Jesus on a cross.


Fox News' Todd Starnes has more:

It was originally supposed to debut nearly four years ago at New York City's Union Square. But that event was cancelled due to public outrage.